Hipp & Hopp Save Daddy Greenleaf

The frog children Hipp and Hopp watch helplessly, as their Dad is being kissed against his will by a long-legged, pale creature. After the kiss, the frog children are horrified to see the beautiful green color leave their dad’s thighs, as he grows hideously long arms and legs!

Hipp and Hopp want their Daddy back! Mrs. Croak, the old toad, knows what to do: With one kiss, Frog Princess Irene can turn Daddy Greenleap back into a frog. But Irene lives ten big forests away. How do you get there on little frog legs? Without further ado, Mrs. Croak negotiates with a stork to give them a ride – he agrees, of course, with a strict no frog-eating rule.

by Gerlis Zilligens & Katja Jäger

“The underlying idea is ingenious and the orchestration of the fairy tale theme from the frogs’ perspective delightfully unusual.” – gute-kinderbuecher.de

“Very entertaining and imaginative.” – favolinajunior.ch

“A fairy tale is poked fun at in a delicious manner.” – Kinderohren-Blog

Südpol Verlag | hc | 92 pp | colour illustrations | 170 x 230 mm | 2017 | 7+

All rights available

[original title: Hipp & Hopp retten Papa Grünsprung]