Waiting for Goliath

by Antje Damm warten-auf-goliath

A bear sits on a bench at the bus stop and tells everyone who passes by that he is waiting for Goliath. Goliath is strong and clever: “He can even count up to 18!”. At last, a bus arrives—but no one gets off. But Bear is certain: “He’s coming. He won’t let me wait in vain.”

Bear patiently continues to wait. The robins have already flown south when the first snow falls: When Bear wakes up after a long sleep, he hears a sound as if someone was moving their hand over a piece of paper. Sure enough: Goliath is here and the two immediately know what they will be doing first! Finding out who Goliath really is turns out to be a big surprise for everyone!

Moritz Verlag | 36 pp | 194 x 256 mm | Aug 2016 | 4+

Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.), English (world), Korean, Slovenian

[original German title: Warten auf Goliath]


Also available by Antje Damm: The Visit








Did Jesus Play Football?

by Antje Damm & Katja Gehrmann Hat Jesus Fußball gespielt

Fred and Emil often meet to play football in the afternoons. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Kruzinna, the stupid neighbour! He cannot bear children and football even less. When one day a ball lands in his garden, he refuses to give it back. What are the boys to do? Fred suddenly remembers Zacchaeus from his religion lessons. If there is any truth in that story then all they have to do to get their ball back is be nice to Mr. Kruzinna. So Fred and his friends decide to write him a letter …

Antje Damm narrates the conflict between the children and the neighbour parallel to the biblical Zacchaeus story, which inspires the two friends to an extraordinary idea, which actually ends in being a small miracle for Fred. Katja Gehrmann’s illustrations capture the children’s perspective and aptly reflect their mood.

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Moritz Verlag | hc | 64 pp | 150 x 218 mm | Feb 2016 | 6+

All rights available

[original title: Hat Jesus Fußball gespielt?]


Antje Damm

Antje Damm was born in Wiesbaden in 1965, she studied architecture in Wiesbaden, worked and lived as a freelance architect in Berlin and Nuremberg and today lives near Gießen with her husband and their four daughters. One senses her strong bond to children and their way of thinking in her books. Her question book Ask Me! has been translated into twelve languages, selling more than 170,000 copies across the world!

Take a Look Behind the Scenes: Antje Damm’s The Visit

  Antje Damm BuchMarkt1

Antje Damm © Buchmarkt

Find out how Antje Damm designed her extraordinary new book The Visit in the extensive press review that was written by Susanna Wengeler and published in the German trade magazine Buchmarkt. You can download a full English translation of the review by clicking on the photograph and a detailed info sheet by clicking on the book cover:

For a full overview of the awards and reviews, click here.

Is it Really True?

52 Opportunities to Talk About Lies and the Truth  Echt wahr

by Antje Damm 

Does everyone lie every now and again? Is it allowed to tell white lies?
Why do we want to know the truth?
Is there always just one truth?
Can animals lie?

Lies can have far-reaching consequences. But they can also be a last resort. When do we have to say the truth? Are invented stories not often the more interesting ones? This book contains many fascinating starting points to give thought to the lie and the truth.

  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen
  • Book of the Month – Feb 2015, German Academy for Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Best Books of 2014, Category “Non-fiction” – Leporello

An ingeniously small book on a big topic. – Hans ten Doornkaat, NZZ on Sunday

A playful yet philosophical approach of the vast and diverse topic of the truth and the lie. – Leporello.ch

The entertaining and inspiring book encourages reflections about moral and tolerance and it opens windows for the discussion about the last things which are often the first for young people. – Angelika Overrath, NZZ

Moritz Verlag | hc | 112 pp | 20 x 15 cm | Sept 2014 | 5+

Rights sold: Korean, Spanish

[original title: Echt wahr?]

The Visit

by Antje Damm  Der Besuch_final

Elise is lonely and fearful. She never leaves her flat. But one day, a strange object flies in through the open window. And the following day, Elise has an unexpected visitor. This is to be a visit that will change everything …

A beautiful, gentle and sympathetic story about how an inquisitive and self-confident child unwittingly breaks through a woman’s isolation– gradually bringing light and colour back into her life.

Antje Damm’s ingenious depiction through extraordinary photographs of the three-dimensional setting that she illustrated, cut out and built, succeeds in capturing and mesmerising the reader in a unique manner.

  • Leselotse Recommendation – Jan 2015
  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2015
  • Nimmerland Picture Book Award 2015
  • Troisdorf Picture Book Award 2017 (2nd place)

What an elaborate technique! And what an awesome effect! – Süddeutsche Zeitung

It has been a long time since picture book happiness spread so charmingly, elegantly and impishly. – Hans ten Doornkaat, NZZ on Sunday

The illustrator and picture book maker Antje Damm has hit the mark again. […] A dream of a picture book! – Buchhandlung Dombrowsky, Regensburg

Antje Damm conjures a story onto paper that could not be more enchanting. She has the two protagonists literally act inside a room from a dollhouse as cut-out figures, illuminates and photographs the scenes. […] It is an inconceivable transformation that happens to the room and Elise at the same time. This requires almost no words. The few words are the right ones. […] The little ones already feel this, the big ones understand it and everyone is moved. – Andrea Wanner, titel-Magazin

Moritz Verlag | hc | 40 pp | 194 x 256 mm | 2015 | 4+

Rights sold: Afrikaans, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovenian, Spanish

[original title: Der Besuch]

Der Besuch_interior1









Naught and Nothing. Occasions to Think about Nothingness

by Antje Damm Nichts und wieder nichts

Are we nothing before we are born? Is it possible that nothingness is a hole? Where does a journey into nothingness lead?

It is questions such as these that Antje Damm asks in this book and she thus takes children absolutely seriously. Her unique composition of succinct phrases with often mind-boggling pictures instantaneously animates children to think for themselves – because philosophising in this way is fun! And along the way you learn of composers who have an orchestra play nothing for 4 minutes and 33 seconds, of artists who tried to paint nothing. And who was it that said “I know that I know nothing”?

  • “Kröte des Monats” [Toad of the Month] – STUBE, Jan 2010
  • Recommendation – Illustration Award for Children’s Books 2010

Moritz Verlag | picture book | hc | 96 pp | 20.2 x 15 cm | 2009 | 6+

Rights sold: Korean, Spanish (Latin America)

[original title: Nichts und wieder nichts]

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Is 7 a Lot? 44 Questions for Numerous Answers

by Antje Damm  Ist sieben viel

Will the earth always be there? This is one of the questions Antje Damm poses in her book. Who wants to answer it? But to discuss it, to philosophise about it is fun and prompts us to think about the world in which we live. Where does fear come from? Does it hurt to grow old? Why do we all look so different?

Antje Damm brings up questions about heaven and earth, about life and our world, about death and love. She wants to initiate conversation, provoke stories and pique our curiosity. She takes children seriously as the little philosophers that they are and doesn’t put complex topics past them.
To each question are allocated two images that inspire you to find your own answers. These are sometimes photos, sometimes illustrations, but they always correlate in that they form a contrast or pose different approaches or similarities.
This book is the ideal introduction for children and adults to the great questions about the world.

Moritz Verlag | hc | 69 pp | 173 x 172 mm | 2009 | 6+

Rights sold: Korean, Spanish (Latin America)

[original title: Ist 7 viel?]

Earthworm Days

by Antje Damm Regenwurmtage

Ida is full of expectations when she goes to school on the first day. Who will she sit next to? She doesn’t yet know the other children. And all those new rules seem so unfamiliar. Then a boy is placed next to her – a boy! His name is Faruk and he managed to get lost on his way to school right on the first day …

A subtle and heartfelt story about the rescue of earthworms, entries into homework books and how all of this leads to friendship.

  • One of the 7 Best Children’s Books (May 2011)

Moritz Verlag | hc | 56 pp | 15 x 21.8 cm | 2011 | 7+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Korean

[original title: Regenwurmtage]

Granddad’s Sandwiches

41GpEhEBLkL._SL500_AA300_by Antje Damm

Granddad Hansel is coming to visit! Antje can hardly wait. Mum is already spending the whole day cleaning the house and Antje is putting together those things that she wants to show Granddad: her school report, for example, but also her new leather gloves. Then she will play her favourite games with him and listen to him explain the most fascinating facts about animals and plants. If only her little brothers Fabi and Flo weren’t such a pain in the neck all the time!
Antje is especially looking forward to the sandwiches Granddad always brings, because they are yummy and taste of adventures and the whole wide world.

  • White Raven 2013
  • Children’s Book Prize NRW 2012 

Moritz Verlag | hc | 52 pp | 15 x 21.8 cm | March 2012 | 7+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)

[original title: Hasenbrote]

Antje Damm

born in Wiesbaden in 1965, she studied architecture in Wiesbaden, worked and lived as a freelance architect in Berlin and Nuremberg and today lives near Gießen with her husband and their four daughters. One senses her strong bond to children and their way of thinking in her books. Her question book Ask Me! has been translated into twelve languages, selling more than 170,000 copies across the world!

Der Besuch_final  Regenwurmtage 1   Hasenbrote   Nichts und wieder nichtsIs It Really True?   FragmichCover Kopie   Ist sieben viel Alle Zeit der Welt

All the Time in the World. Opportunities to Talk About Time

by Antje Damm  Alle Zeit der Welt

Summertime, wintertime, spare time, timeout, best-before-dates – everything has its own time. Antje Damm renders time both visible and tangible -with photos, pictures and thought-provoking impulses. A book that not only children can spend a great deal of time with!

  • One of the 7 Best Children’s Books (June 2007)
  • List of Recommendations – Luchs Jury
  • List of Recommendations – Catholic Prize for Children’s and Young Adults’ Books
  • List of Recommendations – Illustration Award

One cannot look at such a book for long enough – Die Welt

There are few books that are so gentle, so artistic, so convincing and at the same time truly and in the best sense suitable for children. Antje Damm’s timeless as well as universal picture book belongs to those books for which you should absolutely take the time! – kinderbuchcouch.de

Moritz Verlag | hc | 96 pp | 19.8 x 15.2 cm | 2010 | 6+

Rights sold: Korean, Spanish (Latin America)

[original title: Alle Zeit der Welt]