Fred and Emil often meet to play football in the afternoons. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Kruzinna, the stupid neighbour! He cannot bear children and football even less. When one day a ball lands in his garden, he refuses to give it back. What are the boys to do? Fred suddenly remembers Zacchaeus from his religion lessons. If there is any truth in that story then all they have to do to get their ball back is be nice to Mr. Kruzinna. So Fred and his friends decide to write him a letter …

Antje Damm narrates the conflict between the children and the neighbour parallel to the biblical Zacchaeus story, which inspires the two friends to an extraordinary idea, which actually ends in being a small miracle for Fred. Katja Gehrmann’s illustrations capture the children’s perspective and aptly reflect their mood.

by Antje Damm & Katja Gehrmann

Moritz Verlag | hc | 64 pp | 150 x 218 mm | Feb 2016 | 6+

Rights sold: Norwegian

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[original title: Hat Jesus Fußball gespielt?]