For Ida, every single day is like no other. If she wants to find out if earthworms have a bum, then that would be an explorer-day, for example. On a decision-making-day Ida will ponder the question of who she likes the most. On illness-day, Bunny receives an injection and he has a birthday, too, of course. (Whether Bunny is actually a live bunny or only a plush toy is only for Ida to know) On beach-day, Ida rescues a jellyfish. And it certainly is a sweet-day, when Ida discovers her mum’s secret hiding place for chocolate …

And one day, the ‘day of the big question’ will arrive. What will Ida be thinking about on that occasion?

Antje Damm’s collection of episodes from Ida’s life are delicious, because they get straight to the point. Children will love them; simply because they will be able to relate so well to Ida. And to her Bunny.

by Antje Damm


  • One of the Most Beautiful German Books 2020 (Stiftung Buchkunst)


Moritz Verlag | pb | 96 pp  170 x 240 mm | 6+

All rights available


[original title: Jeder Tag ist Ida-Tag]