What happens in the middle of that night Dad and Flo spend at the campsite?

An adventure! That‘s what Dad and Flo are craving and they set off for the campsite in the forest. Flo‘s teddy is allowed to come along, of course. After climbing the mountain, they sit by the fire and later Flo listens to Dad‘s stories about robbers and dragons until they both fall asleep exhausted. But shortly afterwards, something terrible happens outside their tent. And in the morning Flo‘s teddy is gone! What happened?

Antje Damm tells an exciting story for little ones and has not only built, painted, illuminated and photographed the campsite scene, but also created and adorable cityscape that shows where Dad, Flo and Teddy are at home.

A picture book that provides its viewers with more information than that which is known to Flo and Dad.

by Antje Damm


Moritz Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 195 x 253 mm | 2021 | 3+

Rights sold: French


[original title: Teddy ist weg!]


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