Andrea Poßberg & Corinna Böckman

The Green Pirates - Perilous Poison Underwater


Trouble in cosy Bieberheim! A citizens’ initiative is fighting to return the Els brook, which has been encased in concrete, to its natural course. When the Green Pirates suddenly discover masses of dead fish during a paddling tour, they are unexpectedly drawn into the turmoil. Who poisoned the fish? When Miranda receives strange threatening letters on her houseboat and her dog Campino is kidnapped, the Green Pirates have to act …

The Green Pirates – that’s what the friends Pauline, Ben, Flora, Lennart and Jannik call themselves. Whenever they intervene to protect the environment, they leave behind a green skull and crossbones as a sign. During their clandestine missions, they repeatedly get into dicey situations. Luckily there is Miranda, who lives on a houseboat and is up for any adventure …

Südpol Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Die Grünen Piraten – Giftgefahr unter Wasser
Age 8+
144 pp | € 14
hc | 140 x 198 mm
Publication: March 2023

Author: Andrea Poßberg
Illustrator: Corinna Böckmann

All rights available


“This is another exciting environmental thriller in the series recommended by WWF’s Young Panda children’s programme, which also addresses the cycle and ecological importance of water.” – ekz

“For the target group, proven identification potential is unfolded here, between an exciting and entertaining children’s thriller on the one hand, and an instructive introduction to environmental protection topics on the other. The lively illustrations fit in in the usual appealing way. In short: a recommended read – rightly recommended by the WWF children’s programme Young Panda!” – Jan van Nahl, Alliteratus

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