Tessa Sima

If Responsibility Were a Hat

What if responsibility were a hat, which one(s) would suit me best? One suits you particularly well, but for me it is unbearable. And for others it’s probably the other way round. How much responsibility does a crown bear, and what if I don’t want to wear responsibility? We could even swap hats for once!

With her picture book debut, If Responsibility Were a Hat, Tessa Sima playfully teaches us about bearing responsibility. How do different responsibilities present themselves, what does one do with them, can one take them off again? A colourful book about headgear in important times.


Picture Book

Original title: Wär Verantwortung ein Hut
Age 5+
32 pp | € 22 (tbc)
hc | 170 x 185 mm
Publication: April 2023

Author & Illustrator: Tessa Sima

All rights available


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