Summer holidays – time for Hollercamp!

Each year, Leon, Emily and Jakub meet at the camping site. The prospect of heavenly weeks full of sun, swimming and icecream are spreading before them. But this time, the idyllic holidays are overshadowed by mysterious events. Who is the strange man sneaking around the campground? And what’s the crime that has happened on the abandoned houseboat? Leon, Emily and Jakub are picking up the trail …


  • Exciting, fast-paced and funny
  • Page turner for girls and boys

by Lena Hach & Lisa Hänsch


“The perfect summer book with suspense, friendship and first crushes.” – Children’s Book Blog – Familienbücherei


“Thrillingly narrated.” – Der Spiegel


“Really exciting! […] I would also like to go on holiday with these children.” – Stuttgarter Zeitung


“The children […] are very different. [The book] manages the balancing act of naming the diversity, but without making it a special theme, borrowing from the reality of life for today’s children: Jakub wears a hearing aid and has a somewhat conspicuous speech melody, Emily’s family is multicultural and Charlie’s parents are constantly arguing. Together they are children who want to discover the world, have fun and appreciate each other’s closeness. […] Mission Hollercamp is a fresh new series for today’s children full of holiday spirit, friendship and freedom with a dash of mystery and a whole lot of reading fun.” –


“Holiday, adventure and crime stories always work well! This [book] – well dosed – has something of everything. In addition, there are lovable characters: with all the peculiarities, strengths, weaknesses and problems that young readers also know. The first volume of the new series is a summery, easy read and, with its short chapters and witty doodle notes, also appeals to children who are not so keen on reading.” – Stiftung Lesen


Mixtvision | hc | 220 pp | 2021 | 10+

All rights available


[original title: Mission Hollercamp – Der unheimliche Fremde]


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