Love story between the worlds of light and shadow

Half-angel Anna lives a sheltered life in a convent and even though she loves the 16-strong group of nuns and her martial arts teacher Master Li like a family of her own, she feels increasingly restricted by the monotonous daily routine. In addition, she struggles with her longing for Leo, Lucifer‘s handsome assistant, although she knows that this love has no future.

Fortunately, Elias announces his return from Australia. The thought of the fun-loving surfer with the blond dreadlocks makes Anna‘s heart beat faster. He is the only one with whom she feels safe and secure—a feeling she otherwise only knows when she‘s within the convent walls, where evil has no access. Because the entrance to the underworld, hidden in the crypt underneath the church, is guarded by the nuns.

But suddenly strange incidents take place in the monastery and Anna realizes that the passage to the underworld has formed cracks. A mysterious sign suddenly appears everywhere in the monastery and seems to show her a way out. But from which side does it originate—heaven or hell? Anna soon no longer knows who she can trust. She only knows one thing: she will do everything to protect her family, even if she has to go against Leo to do so …

by Christine Ziegler


“Devilishly good” – Maike Jacobs, Neue Presse Hannover


“Absolutely worth reading!” – Lydia Mende, ekz Bibliotheksservice


“It’s hard to put the book down after the first few pages. An totally successful story that already makes you eagerly await the 3rd volume.” – Caroline Peter, Eliport

Südpol Verlag | hc | 384 pp | 148 x 205 mm | 2021 | 14+

All rights available

[original title: Anna Konda – Engel der Finsternis]

Volume 1 of the series: Anna Konda – Angel of Wrath