Chaos at the Wizards’ School  magisches_Mal_titel_3D-3e5b5bb8

Clarissa, Marlon and Elmar have to learn the multiplication table spells. Sheer horror—for Marlon in particular until he finds an old stone tablet in the school library at Castle Adracabadra. This stone tablet releases a mysterious amplifying spell and causes utter confusion at the school. The class rooms are swarming with mini pigs, owls, bats and squibs. Tremendous fun! – until professor Moscare and doctor Darkman turn up to close the wizards’ school!

But how can the magical stone tablet be stopped? And what does professor Grimbaldi, the school’s director, have to do with all of this? The three friends are doing their utmost to solve the mystery and save Castle Adracabadra. Time is running out!

by Ina Krabbe

“Math fun at its best!” – Westfalen-Blatt

“Harry Potter meets the multiplication table. […] An educationally brilliant idea that will not only satisfy parents.” – Die kleine Leselampe

Südpol Verlag | hc | 128 pp | 138 x 205 mm | with 55 b&w illustrations | 2014 | 7+

Rights sold: Korean, Turkish

[original title: Das magische Mal]