Two cat brothers battle against a crazy scientist who wants to extract the 7-lives-serum out of 100 catsBuch_gerade

The two tomcats Giovanni and his twin brother Othello are bosom buddies. But then this strange man turns up and Othello doesn’t return from one of his excursion. Giovanni is forced to venture out into the big, unknown forest in order to rescue his brother. Soon he gets help of an unusual kind in Rosella, an escaped goldfinch lady, who seeks a career as a singer. Together they rescue Othello from the hands of the megalomaniacal scientist Dr. Waldemar Wummering who wants the cats to extract the 7-lives-serum!

by Thilo Krapp

Südpol Verlag | 200 pp | 160 x 220 mm | Aug 2016 | 8+

All rights available

[original German title: Othello & Giovanni. Der große Katzenraub]