ein_hausboot_fuer_den_wolfWolf is earning his money with raids in the woods. He has had a stressful year and it is finally high time for a holiday. So the deserted houseboat on the river comes in very handy!

But just as he is about to set sail, Fox turns up, makes himself comfortable and just won’t clear out. Fox will simply have to come along then, thinks Wolf—the main thing is: Holiday! But just then Goose arrives, closely followed by Bear. Wolf is in despair. All he wants is to have a quiet holiday on an abandoned houseboat!

But whose houseboat is this anyway?

by Kai Aline Hula

Obelisk Verlag | 80 pp | 135 x 203 mm | July 2016 | 8+

All rights available

[original German title: Ein Hausboot für Wolf]