A strong and simple picture book that perfectly encapsulates the world of a childif-i-was-a-banana

If I was a banana, I would be that one, so beautifully yellow and full of banana …

This boy’s eye-view of the everyday brings alive all the wonder and oddity of the world inside our own heads. It beautifully captures the magic that a child can find in common objects and day-to-day encounters—bananas, toys, breakfast, stars.

Each of these simple things sparks a new train of thought, and the result is a gorgeous mix of the poetic and the prosaic which will touch the child—and the heart—in all of us.

by Kieran Rynhart & Alexandra Tylee

“… this low-key, whimsical exploration of imagination repays repeat readings…those who share the unnamed narrator’s quirky viewpoint will be pleased to discover that they aren’t the only ones who wonder.” – Kirkus Reviews (US), August 2016

“Through each “If I was” scenario, the voice of the narrator begins to echo children around this age–full of questions and curiosity. The vast imagination is met with gorgeous illustrations that express the´ child’s wonder and portray each animal or object with precise likeness. Perfect for young readers who like to dream and think about the “what ifs” on a lazy afternoon.” – Reviews Coming at YA (US) – August 2016

Gecko Press | 32 pp | 260 x 210 mm | Oct 2016 | 3+

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese