From now on, it will all be different
A story about bullying with a liberating ending

Finn feels queasy with fear on his way to school  – every morning. This has been going on for weeks because of the three boys from his class, who wait for him in the schoolyard to make his life a living hell. Today is no exception but today will end completely differently than it started…

Even before the school bell rings in the first period, Sven, Max, and Paul steal Finn’s breakfast: organic bread garnished with blossoms of Indian cress. Chicken feed! That’s just what the three were waiting for to ridicule him. They start to cackle and roar and then they throw Finn’s breakfast onto the floor and trample it with their feet. Finn fears the next attack during recess when something unexpected happens: The Police show up at school searching for three students who did something really, really bad. When Sven, Max, and Paul come under serious suspicion, Finn gets his moment in the limelight: He can provide them with an airtight alibi!

by Andrea Liebers & Susanne Göhlich

Andrea Lieber tells a gripping school story about intimidation and fear and an unusual act of liberation. Susanne Göhlich’s illustrations are vivid, rich in detail, and capture the special emotional state of the characters.


  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers – February 2018
  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2018

“A felicitous story with a serious topic and a surprising ending.” – Leipzig Reading Compass Jury


“Finn’s story will not leave young readers unaffected – because this is how many children experience bullying in their everyday lives.” –


“A school story that is reassuring.” – WAZ


“Liebers always stays close to the child and everyday school life; Göhlich accurately captures the child’s body language. An explosive topic, treated in a sensitive manner.” – eselsohr, October 2017


Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 160 x 240 mm | 2017 | 6+

All rights available


[original title: Finn macht es anders]