drachen_kocht_man_nichtA cry for help from Gugelhupf country: the little dragon Barnabas is supposed to be eaten! Mister Smacker, redoubtable 5-hats chef wants to – no, he has to – win the cooking competition. And his recipe leaves no room for doubt: it has to be dragon meat.

Kunigunde and Jaromir dart for the adventure where it sizzles and chops, simmers and fries. The fact that muddling and cheating is not the icing on just every cake and that you could ask every once in a while – just details at the edge of cooking pot.

by Michaela Holzinger & Monika Maslowska

Obelisk | hc | 64 pp | 164 x 246 mm | 7+

Rights sold: Turkish

[original title: Drachen kocht man nicht]