Luna has a special best friend. It is a giant, a real, born-and-bred giant. They spend all their time together, from morning to night.
But one day he disappears, where can he possibly have gone? Luna searches for him everywhere, until she receives a letter from her best friend. He is in trouble and only Luna can help him …

by Lili la Baleine & Ingrid Chabbert

“The graphic universe of Lili la Baleine is delicious, and it perfectly accompanies the poetry of Ingrid Chabbert‘s words.“ –


“In this beautiful picture book we discover a gentle story about friendship, difference, hope; a poetic text highlighted by the magnificent illustrations by Lili la Baleine. Imagination? Reality? It does not matter in the end, when you can just let yourself get carried away by a story full of tenderness and courage!“ –

Maison Eliza | hc | 32 pp | 220 x 270 mm | 2018 | 4+

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese

[original title: Ce géant mon ami]