Leslie Niemöller & Liliane Oser

The Cucumber Squad


Hans the pig lives alone in a pretty little house in the forest. But little by little, one animal flatmate after another joins him. They all have special characteristics: a shy bear who only dares to walk as far as the garden gate. A rabbit with an obsession for tidiness. A sad zebra from Africa. And a beaver who just can’t sit still. Together they form a wonderful flat-sharing community.

A children’s book about how children are individualists and how supposed weaknesses don’t have to be weaknesses at all.

Moritz Verlag

Early Readers | Children’s Fiction

Original title: Die Gurkentruppe
Age 5+
64 pp | € 12
hc | 154 x 215 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author: Leslie Niemöller
Illustrator: Liliane Oser

All rights available


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