Pascale Osterwalder

Grigor & Tolya: The Cheese Sandwich


A warm, sunny morning dawns in the Gnarled Forest, but Grigor couldn’t be in a worse mood. Tolya’s snoring has kept him awake half the night and, to make matters worse, the cheese has run out at breakfast. But Grigor really needs his cheese sandwich now. To save the day, Tolya has to find a piece of cheese as quickly as possible. But where from? In times of need, he becomes inventive – forbidden inventive.

Pascale Osterwalder made her successful debut as a comic artist in 2021 with Daily Soap – from the life of a soap dispenser. Now she is following up with her first picture book: In The Cheese Sandwich, she tells the story of the two friends Grigor and Tolya, who live together in the old oak tree between the gnarled forest and the swamp pond. Witty, rhyming dialogues and the lovingly detailed drawings quickly make you fall in love with the two and whisk you away into their wild, moss-covered world.


Picture Book

Original title: Das Käsebrot
Age 4+
62 pp | € 24
hc | 205 x 260 mm
Publication: November 2023

Author & Illustrator: Pascale Osterwalder

All rights available


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