Franz Suess

In the Pockets of the Handsome Mr Day

In den Taschen

When handsome Mr Day gets tired, Mrs Night wakes up and it slowly gets dark everywhere. Mr Day quickly pockets various things that are left of him: a fish that didn’t find its way home, the last ray of sunshine that no longer warmed him and all sorts of other things. And when he has finally finished, he reaches into his other pocket.

Franz Suess has written a bedtime and comfort book to be read over and over again. Calm, contemplative pictures allow us to look back on the past day and realise that things are never completely lost. And that there will always be a new day.


Picture Book

Original title: In den Taschen des schönen Herrn Tag
Age 3+
40 pp | € 24
hc | 224 x 326 mm
Publication: November 2023

Author & Illustrator: Franz Suess

All rights available


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