RabietasKids tend to have mood swings. Absolute joy and happiness can turn into an attack of rage and a noisy tantrum, the reason for which is often hard to identify in the middle of the commotion. One minute everything is painted pink, and the next there’s tension and the grey clouds roll in and end up unleashing the storm. But storms blow over and a few words can help dry the tears and turn the frown into the biggest of smiles.

The changes in the colour palette in the illustrations serve to help depict the different moods children go through when they get angry or make up with someone. Reconciliation comes with communication, which doesn’t mean to tell the child whether it was right or wrong, but rather making it understand that yelling doesn’t make understanding any easier.

by Anna Aparicio Català & Susana Gómez Redondo 

Takatuka | hc | 36 pp | 215 x 260 mm | 4+

Rights sold: German

[original title: Rabietas]