Mrs Maria lives on the streets. In summer, she sits in the shade of some banana trees at the square, telling stories to the birds. When it rains, she makes herself a shed with a shower curtain. The animals are the only living beings with whom she shares her memories and affection. But one day, Ennatu hears strange noises from the square and goes to look after
Mrs María…

“There are homeless people in our cities. They spend hours on the streets, and when the night comes, they look for a place to sleep, taking the sky for a roof. We often observe them with suspicion. But looking at the world with the eyes of a little girls helps us to see further, breaking up our prejudices”, says Ferran Busquets from Fundació Arrels, an association that helps homeless people in Barcelona.

by Cesc Noguera and Raül Gesalí

Takatuka | pb | 48 pp | 150 x 180 mm | 6+

All rights available

[original title: La senyora Maria]