Merle Goll & Beate Teresa Hanika

Mr Kleemann and his Fish

A fish is a friend

Mr Kleemann loves fishing and he loves delicious fish. One day he catches a very special specimen. The fish is silver, has light blue eyes and golden spots on its belly. Mr Kleemann has never seen anything so beautiful! He takes the fish home. But it does not end up in the pan …

A touching story about the power of empathy, a mindful eye for each other and the quiet happiness of simply letting others live. Light and airy illustrations by Merle Goll.


Picture Book

Original title: Herr Kleemann und sein Fisch
Age 3+
40 pp | € 17
hc | 248 x 253 mm
Publication: Feb 2023

Author: Beate Teresa Hanika
Illustrator: Merle Goll

All rights available


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