Birge Tetzner & Karl Uhlenbrock

Fred in the Ice Age

Fire Magic

Fred has already travelled to many countries and past cultures. He would never have thought that his next adventure would be in Germany of all places. During a cave tour in the Swabian Alb, a spark of fire whisks him through time: to a past 40,000 years ago!

How did people live back then? His new friend Bo and his sister Lu show him. Fred learns about the dangers lurking in the Ice Age when he accompanies them through the barren wilderness. Suddenly they come face to face with a cave lion as big as they are! And Bo has never aimed his spear at anything but a bush …


Ultramar Media

Middle Grade Fiction – Historic Fiction

Original title: Fred in der Eiszeit. Der Feuerzauber
Age 9+
208 pp | € 22
hc | 175 x 250 mm
Publication: Sept 2022

Author: Birge Tetzner
Illustrator: Karl Uhlenbrock

All rights available


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