Full of humor and heart, author Kathrin Schrocke tells the story of Karl’s pubescent highs and lows – without disregarding the important questions in life.

Ever since Karl’s Grandpa has appeared in his dream, he only has one plan: Becoming a famous YouTuber. But there’s always something coming up: his Grandma wants to move into a shared house full of Hippies, his crush Irina presents him with a cat lady as his first follower and his genius cousins disclose a family secret. When the police pursues Karl and confiscate his smartphone, chaos ensues …

Author Kathrin Schrocke tells Karl’s story empathically –the twists and turns of puberty, big and small crises, insecurities on the one hand and megalomania on the other. On top of that, there’s a lot going on in Karl’s life: Apart from the exhausting process of self-discovery, he has to cope with the death of his Grandpa and his parents’ marital crisis. But Karl always finds people he can talk to, among them his ethics teacher and even some of his Grandma’s new housemates turn out to be unsuspected life coaches. This is more than a coming-of-age novel, because Kathrin Schrocke also writes about the topic of alternative living situations by moving Karl’s Grandma into a multigenerational house. The book shows new potential for living situations and communities, far from the traditional family model.

by Kathrin Schrocke


Mixtvision | hc | 180 pp | 12+

All rights available


[original title: Immer kommt mir das Leben dazwischen]