A large family of fuzz leads a quiet life on a scratchy old wool blanket. The days go by uneventfully—and the fuzz family is quite happy about that. Only one tiny bit of lint gets bored and dreams of the big wide world. But the other family members   are afraid of anything beyond the wool blanket and advise little fluff to stay put. Luckily, one night tiny fluff is overcome by a sudden outburst of courage and finally sets off on an adventure journey all by itself.
An enchanting encouragement for small and big people alike!

by Malene Walter


  • Winner of the LovelyBook Readers’ Prize 2020


“A sweet story about being brave for the whole family.” – Judiko, lesenjury.de


“The colourful, wild illustrations stand out particularly because of their unusual perspectives.“ – Working Group for Children‘s Literature and Media

Morisken Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 210 x 270 pp | 3+

All rights available

[German title: Fussel und der Mutausbruch]