Guridi & Fran Pintadera

Cannibal Child

Nino canibal

Cannibal child, like the rest of his merry tribe, is always on the lookout to see who he can sink his teeth into.

From the outset, no one is safe from these voracious but friendly people, accustomed to solving their problems at the table: not the travelling merchants, nor the dog, nor the out-of-tune students, nor – alas, what a pity – the mother.

Inspired by the song by the Cuban composer Virilo, Fran Pintadera takes us back to the Stone Age and describes the day-to-day life of a cannibal village and its peculiar way of solving problems. Guridi’s sober illustrations, based on minimal strokes and chromatic resources, portray sullen and sympathetic characters that are very close to us: we are only a few generations apart!


Picture Book

Original title: Niño caníbal

Age 4+
40 pp | € 15
hc | 200 x 260 mm
Publication: May 2023

Author: Fran Pintadera
Illustrator: Guridi

All rights available


“Black humour to draw smiles and whet the appetite with the unmistakable stroke of Raúl Guridi.” – Canal Lector

“With a lot of verbal play, a wonderful characterisation of the characters and a very suggestive theme (eating one’s own kind has always been an unparalleled starting point for developing all kinds of conjectures), this is one of those books that will make you laugh and invite you to develop your inventiveness.
Based on a song by Cuban singer-songwriter Virilo, this song, which has been covered by many authors such as Luis Pescetti, is transformed into an album by Pintadera, who adapts the rhyme of a text with lots of possibilities, and Guridi, who, with his unmistakable style, makes it even funnier.” – Donde viven los monstruos /

“We have a good laugh at home every time we take this bunch out. And the fact is that they may be vicious and have no scruples about eating their peers, and they may look rough, but they free us from the burden of reading something realistic and moralistic: they let us be free to imagine who we would make our dinner and for what reason, we cross the border between reality and fiction and we become uninhibited, have fun and return refreshed to the life outside their pages.” – La Biblioteca Infantil y Juvenil

“Inspired by Luis Pescetti’s song “El niño caníbal” (The cannibal child), this daring picture book doesn’t pretend to be cute, nor polite, nor moralising. This book plays with the wildest humour, and childhood likes the wild. […] The play on words and the topic make this title a stop along the way to show that the fiercest side can be a relaxed reading where the spectacle of ferocity can be the most attractive. A picture book full of rhyme, bones, cheek and even some tension in case we are the next bite. […] A peculiar way of approaching childhood with a not at all sweetened stance but full of laughter and cheekiness. ” – Va de cuentos

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