Valeria Docampo & Alexandra Helmig

Alva and the Glow of Memories

This work of art holds the treasure of us all

Alva lives alone on an island. Every day, memories arrive at her house and she takes care of them. She cleans and polishes them so they don’t fade. But suddenly something is different. Have people forgotten their memories or even forgotten how to remember? Alarmed, Alva sets off for the city to find out how she can help the people. She comes across heart-touching stories that leave their mark on her.

In their first joint work, the two artists have magnificently immortalised how irreplaceable, valuable and beautiful every personal memory is for us. No one could have captured the universal heartbeat of Alexandra Helmig’s story in such poetic images as the artist Valeria Docampo.

A touching masterpiece with timeless radiance.


Picture Book

Original title: Alva und das Leuchten der Erinnerung
Age 4+
44 pp | € 18
hc | 243 x 247 mm
Publication: August 2023

Author: Alexandra Helmig
Illustrator: Valeria Docampo

Rights sold: Catalan, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish


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