Talking to yourself?

Drying your dishes in the garden?

Wearing huge and colourful dresses?

Drawing on the walls of the house?

Who would do things like that?

Adèle, of course!

Incidentally, she is a little bit strange … but then again, who is really normal?

by Bérengère Mariller

“Like the heroine who colors the walls of her house, the pencil illustrations display a panel of cheerful colours, which round off the poetic text. Adapted to the youngest age, this wonderful picture book will also have older children reflect on tolerance of someone different, since it focuses on our particularities, physical and moral, encouraging us to think differently … a bit like Adele herself!“ –, Mathilde Dondeyne


“The author brings as many liberties to the pages as her heroine, who comes to life in every corner of the book as if she were constantly on the move. It’s a picture book that will open the minds of the little ones and probably especially the older ones!“ – france inter, Denis Cheissoux

Maison Eliza | hc | 32 pp | 195 x 280 mm | 2017 | 5+

Rights sold: Korean & Turkish – all other rights available, except for simplified Chinese

[original title: Adèle]