Today is bath day. The whale takes a bath. Lovely!

But what the whale enjoys is also craved by the others—as is to be expected. Here they are already and keen to join the whale amidst the bubbles: The tortoise, because her back hurts, the beaver, because he is cold, the flamingo, because his legs are dirty and the polar bear, because his fur is smelly.

The whale is indulgent and space inside the tub is getting increasingly tight. It is not until the child, together with its ship, climbs into the water too, that the time has come for action: The  whale clears a space for himself—in his own way!

Peace at last. Lovely!

by Susanne Straßer

Peter Hammer Verlag | board | 24 pp | 205 x 215 mm | 2018 | 2+

Rights sold: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Faroese, French, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish


[original title: Der Wal nimmt ein Bad]

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