Monster hunt above the rooftops of Ravenbrück – dark, exciting and action packed!

Moritz’s worst nightmare comes true when his sister Konstanze is abducted by a ghastly monster in the middle of the night. When the monster returns to Ravenbrück to carry off more girls, Moritz follows the monster hard on its heels. But he falls into a trap set by the monster and demon hunter Edgar—this proves lucky for Moritz. Not only does he find shelter with Edgar and his sister Helene, but Edgar also instructs Moritz in fighting techniques and teaches him about the different kinds of monsters.

The siblings live in a strange steam vehicle that doesn’t only house Edgar’s sinister monster collection, but also their terrible secret, which will very closely tie them to Moritz …

Moritz has only one goal: to free his sister from the clutches of the monster. But he does not suspect that the beast is merely a servant of a higher, far more threatening force.

by Heiko Hentschel


  • Recommended title – Rattenfänger Literaturpreis 2020 [Pied Piper Literature Prize]

“This story is literally ‘breathtaking’. It is also so incredibly dark and nerve-wracking that you hold your breath for the suspenseful excitement. At the same time it is so subtly humorous and also incredibly affectionate and profound that you simply forget to breathe ….” – Julia, Bestofworkingmums Blog


Südpol Verlag | hc | 352 pp | 12+

All rights available

[original title: Das hungrige Glas]


Volume 2 in this trilogy: