Mia is in 3rd grade and is looking for her first case as a detective when she meets Mr. Rippel. He lives in No. 19, with the ‘odd birds‘. That‘s what everyone calls the crazy old people who live in Mia‘s street, but Mia doesn‘t mind them because she is to-le-rant. She learns from Mr. Rippel that Pirate, Mr. Schlottmeier‘s cat has been stolen. And so Mia has her first case and investigates in   the seniors‘ shared house. But neither Holger, the supervisor, nor sulky Mr. Knick, or the cigar-smoking Mrs. Schmock, who sits in a wheelchair are a big help. And Mr. Schlottmeier himself also comes up with only one thing: “Pirate is the most sweet-natured cat in the whole world.“ Yet Mia soon has a suspicion …

Nicole Mahne‘s dazzling children‘s book debut—full of humour, levity and irony.

This story deals with the coexistence of the different generations, whereupon the ‘normal‘ people often seem more bizarre than the ‘odd birds‘ from the senior flat share. Mia‘s wonderfully naive child‘s perspective and her unbiased way of dealing with the old people and her view on friendship, family and life are delightful and witty.

by Nicole Mahne & Kai Schüttler


  • Leselotse


“A remarkable debut with situation comedy and splendid deadpan dialogue.” – Börsenblatt


“The author demonstrates a sense for situational comedy and writes stunningly dry dialogue. Social inclusion is only incidental here and is not really an issue for the heroine herself. Kai Schüttler’s illustrations are an excellent expression of Mia’s cheeky, nosy and also endearing nature. Because of the short sentences and lots of verbatim speech, the book is well suited for reading by oneself.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung, Verena Hoenig

Südpol Verlag | hc | 176 pp | 2020 | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Mia und die aus der 19]