The translations programme of Pro Helvetia – Arts Council of Switzerland

Pro Helvetia can provide grants for translations of

  • works of fiction by Swiss authors
  • books on cultural subjects pertaining to Switzerland.

Scholarly or scientific studies and spezialized textbooks cannot be subsidized.
Grants are limited to the actual costs of translation. Additional printing costs are not subsidized.
Applications must be submitted by the publisher of the translation. Works that are in print or have already appeared cannot be subsidized.
The following documentation is required:

  • if possible, a completed application form – otherwise a detailed statement of cost
  • a copy of the licensing agreement with the copyright owner
  • a copy of the contract with the translator
  • a short biography of the translator
  • the original text
  • the complete translation or an at least representative part of it.

Grants are disbursed as soon as Pro Helvetia receives its specimen copies.