Nicole Mahne & Caroline Opheys

Nelly & Dash - A Pig Hits the Road

Funny, cheeky and endearing: reading fun with Nelly and her dog Dash

Nelly, Max and Berta are thrilled: Lorenzo Spitzo, the world’s best dog trainer with his own TV show, has moved into the neighbourhood!
The three of them immediately set off to visit him. But Lorenzo Spitzo doesn’t look as smart as he does on TV: His hair is tousled, his clothes are worn out and then there’s something grunting behind his garden fence. Lorenzo Spitzo doesn’t have a dog – not a single one! Instead he has three pigs. And the big adventurous pig Bella
can even do tricks. But when the parcel delivery man leaves the garden gate open, Bella suddenly disappears. A wild search through the entire neighbourhood begins …


Südpol Verlag

Early Readers | Children’s Fiction

Original title: Nelly & Düse – Ein Schwein zieht Leine
Age 7+
128 pp | € 13
hc | 148 x 205 mm
Publication: August 2023

Author: Nicole Mahne
Illustrator: Caroline Opheys

All rights available


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