Nicole Mahne & Caroline Opheys

Nelly & Dash - Breakfast with Frog

Funny, cheeky and endearing: reading fun with Nelly and her dog Dash

Nelly’s sister Sophie has an exchange student from France as her guest. Nelly is determined to make Elisa feel at home, because the guest is king. Luckily, Nelly’s friend Max happens to know that frogs are eaten in France. So a frog is needed, of course!

Together with terrier Dash and guinea fowl Perlfee, Nelly and Max go on a frog hunt. They manage to catch a particularly lazy specimen with nodules and they christen it Dicki. Elisa is thrilled when she discovers Dicki and immediately takes him into her hand – much to Nelly’s horror – Dicki’s life is in peril! But everything turns out quite differently …

Südpol Verlag

Early Readers

Original title: Nelly & Düse – Frühstück mit QUAK
Age 7+
128 pp | € 13
hc | 148 x 205 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Nicole Mahne
Illustrator: Caroline Opheys

All rights available


“I am in love instantly. […] Everything is so funny, quirky and told from a child’s point of view that the funny story is wonderful for reading aloud from 5 years old, but also for reading yourself. […] I laughed tears! Really!” – Marsha Kömpel, Mutter & Söhnchen Blog

“Funny, versatile and extremely entertaining.” – Anja Kuypers, Lese- und Literaturpädagogin (BVL), Kapitelreise-Blog

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