Little Sophie can hardly wait for her visit to the zoo today. Full of anticipation, she walks through the city and already discovers animals everywhere. Aren‘t those two pandas sitting at the table in the café over there? Or is the lady with the sunglasses sitting there all alone?

Sophie‘s fantasy world and reality merge and inspire big and small readers to emulate her. Which other animals are also hiding in the city? Which shapes, colours and movements remind us of zoo animals? An exciting and creative walk through modern city life begins …

What Are You Doing There? sparks off positive fantasies. In beautiful, luminous watercolour paintings we encounter exotic animals such as flamingo, jellyfish, sloth, alpaca and dragonfly; all in very unusual, surprising places. An invitation to discover and let the imagination run wild!


  • Fantastic visit to the zoo
  • Inspiring walk through modern city life
  • Terrific daydreams

by Alexandra Prischedko


Edition Bracklo | hc | 32 pp | 235 x 320 mm | 2022 | 5+

All rights available

[original title: Was macht ihr denn da?]