Andrea Liebers & Susanne Göhlich

The Bee Tree

Story about a new kid at school that surprises everyone

No one wants to have anything to do with Albert, the new boy in Finn’s class. Because he wears shirts with too long sleeves and a funny cap. So it makes sense that no one wants to team up with him in their sports lesson. When Finn makes an effort and joins up with Albert, he quickly attracts the ridicule of the others.

Suddenly something frightening happens in the schoolyard: a huge swarm of bees comes out of a tree! Amidst the panicking children, only one remains calm: the newcomer.

Albert, the son of a beekeeper, skilfully assists in catching the bees and his strange clothes suddenly make sense. The 3a are in awe! Now, as everyone vies for his friendship, Albert remembers the sports lesson – and Finn.

In her exciting story, Andrea Liebers tells how prejudices dissolve and friendships develop. Susanne Göhlich captures the many temperaments of the primary school class in lively illustrations.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Children’s Fiction – Early Readers

Original title: Der Bienenbaum
Age 5+
32 pp | € 12
hc | 159 x 246 mm [tbc]
Publication: Feb 2023

Author: Andrea Liebers
Illustrator: Susanne Göhlich

All rights available


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