Lena Hach

Mission Hollercamp -
The Missing Snake

MissionHollercamp_Verschwundene Schlange

Let’s go: A new adventure at Holler Lake

This can’t be true! A real tiger python at Holler Lake? At first, the three friends Emily, Jakub and Leon don’t believe the rumours. But when they discover the gigantic snake skin on the lakeshore, they panic. Where did the snake come from? Does the circus have something to do with it? The trio sets off in search of clues …

Summer, sun, beach and snake: Lena Hach sends all the children off again on a new, exciting holiday adventure at Holler Lake.


Middle Grade Fiction

Original title: Mission Hollercamp – Die verschwundene Schlange
Age 9+
176 pp | € 14
hc | 144 x 200 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Lena Hach   Illustrator: Lisa Hänsch

All rights available


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