Lena Hach & Daniela Kulot

The Crazy Inventors' Hut - The Looping Twirler

Verrueckte Erfinderschuppen_Looping-Dreher

Admittedly, Tilda, Walter and Fred’s first invention was a proper write-off. But the friends have made an awesome new discovery. They have pimped the boring playground around the corner. The set of swings now includes a loop inverter. No kidding!

Unfortunately, the fat kid and the slim one are meddling again – they have a nasty plan. And suddenly everything is in danger again – especially Fred.


Children’s Fiction

Original title: Der verrückte Erfinderschuppen – Der Looping-Dreher
Age 8+
168 pp | € 12.90
hc | 149 x 213 mm
Publication: July 2017

Author: Lena Hach
Illustrator: Daniela Kulot

All rights available


“… marvellously funny.” – Nido

“… a great new book series, which is always about crazy inventions, but basically friendship […] takes centre stage.” – Die Rheinpfalz

“A witty, loosely written and – of course – extremely inventive adventure with plenty of pace that makes you want more.” – Badische Zeitung

“Entertaining and funny reading material.” – Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

“A must-read.” – Buchmarkt

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