Thais Mesquita & Corinna Antelmann

Jon and the Fourth Cinnamon Bun

Suddenly big brother—suddenly we are four

Jon‘s world is perfect. Every Sunday he runs to the bakery and buys three cinnamon buns. One for mum, one for dad, and one for himself. But then his little sister is born and his parents don‘t have as much time for him. Jon now shares his cinnamon buns with the tree in the garden, which is so good at listening. And then something incredible happens.

A quiet picture book story about the changes a new sibling brings. Jon regains trust and security in the end and feels how proud he is of his little sister.

The intense colours of the illustrations underline the warm-hearted tonality and magic of the moment. 


Picture Book

Original title: Jon und die vierte Zimtschnecke
Age 3+
32 pp | € 15
hc | 248 x 253 mm
Publication: Feb 2022

Author: Corinna Antelmann
Illustrator: Thais Mesquita

All rights available


“A quiet picture book story about the changes a new sibling brings.” – Aktuelle Verbraucher Post

“Change in the family: this picture book tells about it, quietly and poetically.” – Yango Medien

“A warm-hearted book about new additions to the family. […] Gladly recommended.” – ekz

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