Inés María Jiménez

A Little Confetti Does Not Make a Friend

A moving novel about a toxic friendship between girls

When 16-year-old Cecilia, called Cilia, arrives at her new school, she expects all sorts of things, but not this: On her very first day, she is approached by Hel and accepted into her clique. And Hel is not just anyone—Hel is a cool, strikingly dressed and tone-setting girl. For the first time in a long time, Cilia no longer feels like an outsider, she even suddenly has a best friend!

At first, Cilia doesn‘t care that Hel always decides where things go. But then Hel starts to embarras Cilia in front of everyone. How far can a best friend go?


Südpol Verlag

Young Adult Fiction

Original title: Ein bisschen Konfetti macht noch keine Freundin
Age 12+
208 pp | € 15
hc | 148 x 210 mm
Publication: Feb 2022

Author: Inés María Jiménez

All rights available


“A wonderful book that gets under your skin.” –
Janett Cernohuby, Book Carousel

“A page-turner about bullying and true or false friendships with a coherent, realistic story that definitely gets under your skin thanks to Cilia’s first-person perspective. Widely recommended.” –
Sonja Seiring, ekz-Bibliotheksservice

“This book is not only a warning to children and young people not to always believe everything they hear. It also spurs parents to always keep a watchful eye and ear out for their children and their friends. A book that makes you pay attention, shakes you awake and encourages you to look closely.” – Dorothea Wezel, Der Evangelische Buchberater 03/2022

“A moving and exciting novel about the theme of power, trust and strong personalities.” –
Sarah Woipich, Passauer Neue Presse

“In my opinion, this story has a lot of potential to generate empathy and compassion. Reflection and personality development also play a big role here for me. No matter if you are in puberty yourself or already far beyond: this story will surely move you!” – Sandra @lesewuermchen

“Watch out, this young adult novel about a toxic girl friendship is a real page-turner.” – Jenni @jennis_kinderbookshelf

“A really important and stirring book.” – Nicole Lehmann, Blog Herzensangelegenheit Buch

“Sensitively written book about the desire to belong, about addictions and false girlfriends.” –
Maike Jacobs, Neue Presse Hannover

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