Blond is for good girls

Lu steals a bottle of pink hair dye from the drugstore. Her blond hair must go! Obstinate and gruff as she is, she continuously rubs people up the wrong way. Especially Christopher has it in for her and bullies her at school.  Her only support is her invisible friend Rhys.

When Lu’s mother ask her to look after Viola, her boss’s daughter, everything changes. Following a major car accident, Viola has lost an arm and an eye. But sympathy is clearly not wanted—Viola is insufferable, destructive and riotous. During a joint holiday trip, the situation escalates

A friendship story that gets under your skin!

by Pia Herzog


“Raucous, refreshing and humorous, Pia Herzog tells of two strong loners, of invisible friends and the strange paths life sometimes takes before everything turns out well.” – Kilifü 2019/2020


“Growing up is a real challenge. Pacey, lively and thoroughly humorous, Pia Herzog describes this special friendship story.” – Maike Jacobs, Neue Presse Hannover


“Heavy topics – packed into an exciting and easy-to-read coming-of-age story, told from the heroine’s point of view, coming across as believable and entertaining at the same time.” – Stiftung Lesen


“A convincing friendship story that sensitively addresses the problems of puberty and the feeling of not being understood.” – Manuela Haselberger, eselsohr


“Snotty, hard-hitting, bright pink – that’s Lu. A great, humorous book about the problems of growing up and finding a wonderful friendship.” – Foxybooks


“Refreshingly different, that’s the perfect way to describe “You … Me Too”. It is definitely a book outside the mainstream. […] a beautiful and very special book that pulls you in from the first pages and doesn’t let go.” – Die Bücherwelt von CorniHolmes


“Great language, great main characters and, for me, another powerful reminder not to pigeonhole the diversity of people in the real world but to get involved in getting to know them.” – Lisa Engel, Der.Raum


Südpol Verlag | hc | 208 pp | 2019 | 12+

All rights available

[original German title: Ihr mich auch]