Rocío Araya was born Bilbao, Spain in 1982. She studied Fine Arts in the University of País Vasco, Spain, and finished her Master in Education in 2010.Her training as an illustrator is has been largely self-taught and also tutored by illustrators such as Violeta Lópiz, Roger Olmos, and Rotraut Susan Berner.

She has published a few illustrated stories such as:

  • Historias para leer en los labios del silencio (“Stories to be read through lips of silence”) Text Virginia Araya Ed. Magisterio 2012.
  • Pájaros en la Cabeza Text Rocio Araya (“Birds in the Head”) Privately printed 2013
  • Un Cuento (“A Story Tale”) Text Daniil Jarms Editorial Milrazones 2014.
  • Una historia verdadera:El Cuento de los guisantes, Text Juan Arjona Ed A Buen paso 2016
  • Pénélope ne parle pas Text Luca Tortolini Ed Notari 2016

In 2016 her artwork was selected in the Biennial of Ilustration Ilustrarte in Lisbo.

She has held more than twenty exhibitions in Spain, France and Chile.