Outside My Door On the Foot Mat

by Nadia Budde  Vor meiner Tür

Nadia Budde’s hero is no longer the master in his own house, because he has a permanent resident: the rat. Day after day he finds the rat on his doormat when he gets home; huge and in good humour. Once she’s inside the house, she puts on his slippers and makes herself at home: on the sofa, on the piano stool, in bed. She pushes in: in the bathroom, at the fridge, in front of the mirror. Monopolizes the telephone, makes a noise and gets onto his nerves until even our longsuffering hero bursts with anger!

And then she is suddenly gone. Alas! Instead of being relieved, our hero is melancholy and his home appears dull to him. So he sets off on a search … Nadia Budde rhymes as casually as if she did nothing but speak in verse and her pictures paint the complicated sentiments of this pathetic-comical flat share to a hair.

Remarkable Book 2016

An incredibly funny and yet poetic book about friendship – Kölner Stadtanzeiger

It is worth taking a close look so as to not miss any details … Budde is simply ingenious – Titel Kulturmagazin

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 220 x 250 mm | Feb 2016 | 4+

Rights sold: French

[original title: Vor meiner Tür auf einer Matte]









Bristly Hair and I Don’t Care

by Nadia Budde  Außerdem Borsten lr

We all occasionally dream of being a little prettier. Taller, slimmer, a bit more muscular, somewhat blonder. We are not alone with our vanities!

Nadia Budde gets a lot of zany characters on the pages of her picture book – neighbours, relatives, friends – and we immediately realize their little imperfections. Too many kilograms, a strange hairstyle, a mouth of enormous size, the total lack of a biceps. And although they look a bit unhappy, they are all very funny and really likable! The only one who doesn’t care at all about his outward appearance is Uncle Parzival and he finally convinces all the others: You are perfect just the way you are! Nadia Budde’s catchy rhymes and her unrivaled funny characters once again appeal to readers of all ages!

A truly excellent, wonderful picture book. – Bücherkinder.de


Perfectly accompanied by dead-aimed rhymes, this truly animalistic beauty contest offers plenty of occasions to laugh, backbite and reflect on. – Stiftung Lesen [Literacy Trust]


Nadia Budde is currently the most original German author and one of the most expressive illustrator of children’s books. – Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 200 x 250 mm | Feb 2013 | 3+

Rights sold: Catalan, English, French, Korean, Spanish

[original title: Und außerdem sind Borsten schön]

One Two Three Me

by Nadia Budde  Eins zwei drei Tier

Eye-catching, funky art and unexpected rhymes come together in this little book to show just how silly everyday words can be. Kids will crack up at the outrageous cartoon illustrations.

  • Winner of the German Children’s Literature Award
  • Winner of the Oldenburg Children’s Book Prize
  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers

Ingeniously simple, but yet with a striking impact. […] a piece of art, derived from utter intellectual independence and the sheer delight in rhyming. – Tilman Spreckelsen, FAZ

Peter Hammer Verlag | board | 18 pp | 1999 | 3+

Rights sold: Galician, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

[original title: Eins Zwei Drei Tier]

Nadia Budde

was born in Berlin in 1967. After completing secondary school she apprenticed as a retail display designer. She began studying graphic arts at the Berlin College of Art in Weissensee in 1992 and later studied at the Royal College of Art in London. She completed her degree in 2000 and since then has worked independently as an illustrator in Berlin.

Her first picture book, “Eins zwei drei Tier”, was published in 1999 and received several awards. Since then she has published more picture books, all of which have been very successful. Her books have been translated into several languages. Nadia Budde lives with her family in Berlin.

Nadia Budde has won the prestigious Hans-Meid-Prize in 2013, which is awarded for prestigious achievements in book design and illustration. It is only awarded every two years. The jury: “The award winner is a voice of originality and power whose books address a very young, young and adult readership with undisguised character and wit. Her expressive, distinctive and lively stroke reveals refined observation skills and passionate graphic stylisation.”

ZooAußerdem Borsten lrAuf keinen FallEins zwei drei TierFlosse FellKurz nach sechs

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