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 presents new publications from the German book market which are selected by a jury of critics on a regular basis. Information on these books is provided on our portal in the form of

  • book reviews by well-known literary critics,
  • sample passages (the original text and in translation),
  • details on authors and publishers

in German, English and in the special-focus language, which changes regulary.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for interested readers, publishers and translators abroad to gain an immediate impression of the state of contemporary German literature.

What makes unique is its Translation Grant Programme, which focuses on a single language for several years at a time.

Special-focus languages:
2004-2005: Arabic

2005-2006: Chinese

2007-2008: Portuguese (Brazil)

2009-2011: Spanish (Hispanic America / Argentina)

2012-2014: Russian

2015-2017: Arab World

General translation grant programme of the Goethe Institut


The Goethe-Institut Promotion Program for “translations of German books into a foreign language” offers support to foreign publishers for publishing German literature. This programme enables a non-German speaking readership access to important scientific articles, ambitious works of fiction, books for children and young people, and non-fiction books. The programme serves cultural policy objectives and is an important instrument of foreign cultural and educational policy.

If the grant is approved, the Goethe-Institut reimburses the foreign publisher for a portion of the translation costs, once the foreign language edition has been released. We do not provide funds for the entire cost of translation, nor do we finance printing or editorial costs.

In the more than 35 years since the programme was initiated, we have financially supported the translation of about 6,000 books in 45 languages.

The following subjects are given priority for grants:

  • Democracy, rule of law and civil society;
  • Current global and regional issues;
  • The cultural dimension of European integration process;
  • Recent German history;
  • Outstanding works of contemporary German literature

We also consider:

  • Classical German literature;
  • Contemporary drama;
  • High-quality children’s and youth literature

Only foreign publishers are eligible to apply.

Contacts in Germany:
Arne Schneider
Goethe-Institut e. V.
Head of Department for Literature and Translation Promotion
Tel.: +49 89 15921-449
Fax: +49 89 15921-237

Andreas Schmohl
Department 33 – Literature and Translation Promotion
Goethe-Institut e. V, Head Office Munich
Dachauerstr. 122
80637 Munich
Tel.: +49 89 15921-852
Fax: +49 89 15921-237

For more information: Goethe-Institut Translation Programme

The translations programme of Pro Helvetia – Arts Council of Switzerland


Pro Helvetia can provide grants for translations of

  • works of fiction by Swiss authors
  • books on cultural subjects pertaining to Switzerland.

Scholarly or scientific studies and spezialized textbooks cannot be subsidized.
Grants are limited to the actual costs of translation. Additional printing costs are not subsidized.
Applications must be submitted by the publisher of the translation. Works that are in print or have already appeared cannot be subsidized.
The following documentation is required:

  • if possible, a completed application form – otherwise a detailed statement of cost
  • a copy of the licensing agreement with the copyright owner
  • a copy of the contract with the translator
  • a short biography of the translator
  • the original text
  • the complete translation or an at least representative part of it.

Grants are disbursed as soon as Pro Helvetia receives its specimen copies.

New Zealand Literature Translation Grant Programme

Creative NZT

Creative New Zealand supports the translation of New Zealand Literature into foreign languages with a Translation Grant Scheme that’s administered by the Publishers Association of New Zealand. These grants can contribute up to 50% of the translation cost to a maximum of NZ$5000 per title.

Application deadlines are 1st March, 1st June, 1st September, 1st December.

This applies to the titles published by Gecko Press. Please contact me for an overview of their books or download their latest rights list here.

For further details visit:

Grants offered by the Institut Ramon Llull

ramon lull

The Institut Ramon Llull offers grants to publishers for the publication of illustrated works for children and young adults that have been illustrated by artists who live in Catalonia.

A number of titles published by Takatuka are therefore eligible for this funding scheme. Please contact me for a list of titles that could receive such a grant.

The 2014 deadlines for application submissions are as follows:
– From June 1 to October 31, 2014

Further information on: