Who Am I, Really? pssst

An enchanting poetic diary in cartoon style

by Annette Herzog, illustrated by Katrine Clante

Viola—no longer a child, but not yet an adult—ponders life’s big and small questions. Her thoughts and emotions evolve around friendship and the fear of being ostracised. Around the trouble with her family, love and the support that comes with it. Around boys, looks and recognition, around achievements and setbacks. And the Where From and Where To, around life and death. And over and over again the question: Who Am I, Really?

Author and illustrator succeed in unfolding the young girl’s entire cosmos in twelve episodes and a unique interplay of text and images. This is done with great stylistic and artistic variety. Pages like a pin board with old photographs and a lock of hair, scribbled notes and romantic glossy prints render Viola’s world palpable. Comic panels observe her in daily life, a school essay and diary entries make her thoughts readable.

Whether childishly naïve or philosophically clever—Viola’s thoughts and feelings are just as deeply felt and as disturbing as this entire period of coming-of-age. An exhilarating book!

  • Nominated for the German Youth Literature Award 2017
  • LUCHS Award – January 2017
  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers in September 2016 – Stiftung Lesen
  • “Toad of the Month” – December 2016
  • Danish Culture Award for Best Illustration
  • Ping Prize for Best Children’s and Young Adult Cartoon

With respectful humour and great seriousness does Annette Herzog bring the emotional turmoil of an adolescent into a compelling literary form. – Karin Gruß, Eselsohr

… the illustrations in this book mirror just that: collages, comic strips, pin boards, everything is just as it is for Viola, inside her and on the exterior. Nothing appears to be final, everything is in motion, changes, is sometimes sad, sometimes funny and looks beautiful in this colourful jumble. – Susanne Rikl,, 28.10.16

Pssst! is a dreamy, honest and beautifully illustrated book …. that maps the transition into adulthood in comic-like episodes. It accompanies girls from 10 years and more through an eventful, sometimes turbulent, but fulfilling adolescence full of changes and shows how the search for one’s own identity is shaped. – Bücherkarussell,

Peter Hammer Verlag | pb | 96 pp | 170 x 245 mm | 2016 | 11+

Rights sold: Korean, Swedish










The Zebra Under the Bed

by Markus Orths & Kerstin Meyer zebra-unterm-bett

One morning there is a zebra under Hanna’s bed. A living zebra! Just like that. Hanna has only recently moved into the area with her two dads, so she is happy when Browninger—that’s the zebra’s name—comes along to school with her. .A zebra in the classroom? Impossible! But as Browninger is darned good at writing, calculating and gymnastics, he is allowed to stay. At least to start with. The children will never forget this school day: imagine learning how to write on Browninger’s stripes! Leap-frogging over his back! A dream of a gymnastics lesson!

But all of a sudden the door opens and two zoo keepers come in and lead Browninger away. What is Hanna to do now?

  • White Ravens 2016
  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2015
  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers, Jan 2016

A funny book against prejudices, a book that captures your interest in the unknown. – Der Tages-Spiegel

Great characters, super dialogues and marvellous illustrations: seldom has a Book handled the topic of being different in as graceful a way. – White Ravens

A sweet, whacky story with great depth. – ORF

A book to fall in love with. – Evangelisches Literaturportal

Moritz Verlag | 72 pp | 150 x 218 mm | 2015 | 6+

Rights sold: Czech, Spanish

[original title: Das Zebra unterm Bett]




There’s a Skeleton Under the Bed

by Arne Rautenberg & Nadia Budde

Scary Poems for Brave Children

What could be more enjoyable than to get the creeps? Arne Rautenberg revives the ununterm-bett-liegt-ein-skelettdead and has them rattle, slime and screech through his poems. Skeletons, cyclops, zombies and frops.

He rhymes with wonderfully disgusting ingredients and has huge fun with syllables, words and their sound. And as creeps and giggles go hand in hand, Nadia Budde’s illustrations are the perfect complement. She delivers the hairy and bug-eyed creatures that give everything they’ve got to frighten us—and they are pretty hilarious at that!

Children’s poems that are great fun, inspire delight in language and in experimenting with sounds and crazy mind games. And they are perfect for everyone who enjoys the Halloween wine gums in the shape of eyeballs, dentures and blue worms.

  • Winner of the Josef-Guggenmos-Prize 2016

Peter Hammer Verlag | 48 pp | Sept 2016 | 5+

All rights available

[original German title: Unterm Bett liegt ein Bett]





Outside My Door On the Foot Mat

by Nadia Budde  Vor meiner Tür

Nadia Budde’s hero is no longer the master in his own house, because he has a permanent resident: the rat. Day after day he finds the rat on his doormat when he gets home; huge and in good humour. Once she’s inside the house, she puts on his slippers and makes herself at home: on the sofa, on the piano stool, in bed. She pushes in: in the bathroom, at the fridge, in front of the mirror. Monopolizes the telephone, makes a noise and gets onto his nerves until even our longsuffering hero bursts with anger!

And then she is suddenly gone. Alas! Instead of being relieved, our hero is melancholy and his home appears dull to him. So he sets off on a search … Nadia Budde rhymes as casually as if she did nothing but speak in verse and her pictures paint the complicated sentiments of this pathetic-comical flat share to a hair.

Remarkable Book 2016

An incredibly funny and yet poetic book about friendship – Kölner Stadtanzeiger

It is worth taking a close look so as to not miss any details … Budde is simply ingenious – Titel Kulturmagazin

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 220 x 250 mm | Feb 2016 | 4+

Rights sold: French

[original title: Vor meiner Tür auf einer Matte]









33 Arches and One Teahouse

by Mehrnousch Zaeri-Esfahani  U4-U1_0537_33_BOGEN_UND_EIN_TEEHAUS.indd

Little Mehrnousch and her three siblings, children of a surgeon, have a privileged childhood in the lovely city of Isfahan in Iran in the 70s. Like most others, the family celebrates the eviction of the Shah as a fortunate event—little do they expect that the new ruler Ayatollah Chomeini would establish a despotic rule and rob them of their freedom in no time at all.

Bewildered with fear and anger, Mehrnousch experiences how the oppression begins to find its way into all areas of life. When her 14-year-old brother is in danger of being sent into war, the family flees via Istanbul and East Berlin to West Germany. They begin an odyssey through refugee hostels, a constant up and down between hope and despair until the family at last finds a new home in Heidelberg.

Mehrnousch Zaeri-Esfahani narrates the story of her life with poetic power. She tells of the beauty of Isfahan and happy family life, of the torment of the dictatorship, of the sad, but sometimes also cheerful experiences during these years. Of the feeling of speech– and homelessness and the joy of arrival.

  • Winner of the LUCHS Award 2016
  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers – April 2016

A testimonial and parable at the same time. An outstanding novel that will persist. – NZZ am Sonntag, Christine Knödler

The author very touchingly tells of parting, loss and despair—consistently from the child’s point of view. –Süddeutsche Zeitung

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 148 pp | Jan 2016 | 12+

All rights available

[original title: 33 Bogen und ein Teehaus]








Have You Seen Elephant?

by David BarrowHave You Seen Elephant

An assured and exciting debut picture book from a top emerging talent, about a small boy and his elephant playing an absurd game of hide and seek.

Elephant wants to play hide and seek. But you’ll need to try your best—he’s very good!

Have You Seen Elephant is perfect for sharing with children, who will love finding elephant (and being better at it than the boy in the book!). Watch out for the dog and the tortoise, too …

  • Listed as one of the Best Picture Books of 2016 by Kirkus
  • Sebastian Walker Award for most promising children’s illustrator, Cambridge School of Art, Children’s Book Illustration Masters programme
  • Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2016

Beyond the sheer absurdity, children will delight in details, such as the wide-screen TV the elephant holds in one scene, the child’s dad so focused on the soccer game on the screen that he asks, “What elephant?” and the sly alterations to the family portraits on the rear endpapers. Younger audiences will be screaming “There it is!” from the get-go.- Kirkus Starred Review, Jan 2016


This book tickles the funnybone of children and adults equally. Part of the humour comes through the juxtaposition of the subdued, beautiful illustrations and the absurdity of an elephant trying to hide inside a standard lamp. – Julia Marshall, Gecko Press


A bonefide pitch perfect laugh out loud picture book for all ages. Debut author David Barrow has created a brilliant celebration of the limitless nature of a child’s imagination wrapped up in a deliciously sophisticated and accessible package. – Book Sniffer, UK

Click HERE to view David Barrow’s step-by-step guide on how to draw an elephant.

Gecko Press | hc picture book | 32 pp | 276 x 255 m | Oct 2015 | 3+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified & complex), Dutch, Korean, Slovenian




The Pirate and the Apothecary

by Robert Louis Stevenson & Henning Wagenbreth Pirat und Apotheker

Berlin based comic artist Henning Wagenbreth has discovered a number of ballads in Robert Louis Stevenson’s work that are entirely unknown. Fascinated by the power of these stories, he has translated one of them into German and has illustrated it: The Pirate and the Apothecary—”a jewel filled with colourful facets of good and bad, honour and crime, greed and modesty, lie and truth.” (Wagenbreth)

It is the ballad of two bad guys, Robin and Ben who are friends. Robin is a tearaway and brazen thief, who loves a good fight. Ben is cowardly, cold and calculating, he steals surreptitiously. Robin becomes a pirate, he fights on the seven seas, drinks, parties, captures ships and wins women’s hearts. As a villain he is feared and respected at the same time. Ben becomes an apothecary, lives comfortably, his choice of wife is in accordance with economical calculations, he cheats wherever he can and earns his riches in malicious ways.

The old companions meet again after many years and compare their lives’ profits. When Robin becomes aware of his friends’ gutless and dishonourable activities there’s a tremendous showdown!

  • Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2013
  • HOTLIST 2012
  • Melusine-Huss-Prize 2012
  • Donkey of the Month

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 40 pp | 240 x 360 mm | 2012

Rights sold: Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish

[original title: Der Pirat und der Apotheker]



Mrs. Mo’s Monster

by Paul Beavis Mrs Mos Monster_2

An energetic, endearing and hilarious debut picture book from an exciting new talent.

A monster with a one-track mind meets his match in an elderly lady called Mrs. Mo. With Mrs. Mo’s help, the monster is surprised to discover that he can do more than he ever thought—but that’s not the only surprise Mrs. Mo has in store …

Winner of the 2015 LIANZA Russel Clark Award

…a story with emotional and psychological depth but with all the lightness of touch and humour one could hope for, and illustrated in a truly eye-opening manner. – Zoe Toft- Playing by the Book

A fantastically fun book … Mrs Mo is fab! – Read it Daddy Blog

Judicious use of colour, various perspectives and basic shapes give the book a distinctive look. Effervescent, in an entirely understated sort of way. – Kirkus Reviews (US)

That rare picture book, one that gets better with each reading. – The Source (AUS/NZ)

Link to Mrs. Mo’s Monster Website with all reviews and more!

Gecko Press | hc | 36 pp | 240 x 230 mm | 2014 | 3+

Rights sold: Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Spanish 



How to Philosophise with Fire

Wie man mit dem FeuerChemistry and Alchemy for the Unafraid

by Jens Soentgen & Vitali Konstantinov

When we think of chemistry, we envisage scientists in white lab coats that handle conical flasks and raw chemicals over  Bunsen burners in their laboratory.
Or we think of complicated formulae which we already failed to understand in school.
Who would have thought that today’s white-lab-coats’ chemistry has a wonderful and wildly adventurous history that dates back to Amazonia’s
forests and into the monasteries and castles in Europe! This is where centuries ago fire was used to transform materials: the rind of lianas into deadly poison, salpeter into gun powder, (huge amounts of ) children’s wee into (tiny amounts of) phosphor. Generations of creative alchemists in vain put their entire life’s energy into the production of gold and instead discovered porcelain and much more without which our world would not be imaginable today.
Jens Soentgen, natural scientist and philosopher, moves from one fire place to the next and enthusiastically narrates the most crazy and suspenseful stories of substances, alchemists and chemists. He doesn’t forget to include the often fatal mixture of chemistry and power.
The second part of the book includes many new experiments with which the unafraid can spark their own passion for the metamorphosis of substances!

  • Non-fiction Book of the Year 2016
  • One of the 7 Best Books for Young Readers – December 2015 & January 2016
  • Winner of the EMYS Non-Fiction Book Prize – February 2016

A chemistry book for the entire family. – Süddeutsche Zeitung


The highest commendation for a nonfiction book that fabulates. – NZZ/Hans ten Doornkaat


Jens Soentgen is an exceptionally gifted story-teller with poetic flair. – Tagesanzeiger, Christine Lötscher


The crimson endpapers, the velvety-red cut edges – just like the highly-symbolic colour combination of black, white and red on the outside as well as the inside make you wonder whether the content of “How to Philosophise With Fire” can keep up with its spectacular visual appearance. It can. – Eselsohr, Heike Byn

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 320 pp | August 2015 | 14+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Korean

[original title: Wie man mit dem Feuer philosophiert]





Daddy’s Soul has Caught a Cold

by Nadia Faichney & Claudia GliemannPapas Seele hat Schnupfen

Nele’s home is the circus. Her family is amongst the world’s best tightrope artists and has been for generations. But then Nele’s father gets ill. His soul catches a cold. In a world that is full of colour and cheerfulness and in which everyone could easily be happy. Nele has to witness how somebody close to her, who ought to be strong is suddenly getting weak.

A gentle and sympathetically told story with expressive illustrations.

  • Children’s Book of the Month – April 2015, German Academy for Children’s and Young Adult Books
  • Winner of the Beauty and the Book Award 2015
  • Winner of the Anti-Stigma Prize 2015

An important picture book with emphatic illustrations by Nadia Faichney that can help affected children to handle the difficult situation. – Kilifü 2014/2015


A remarkably insightfull publication on a still tabooed topic. – German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapie, Psychosomatic Medicine and Neurology

[Faichney’s] first fully illustrated picture book—what an impressive start! Important topic, which is more topical than ever, wonderfully perceptive and evocatively illustrated. An absolute recommendation! – Yvonne Hergane, March ‘15


Monterosa Verlag | hc | 62 pp | 225 x 250 mm | Dec 2014 | 6+

Rights sold: Korean

[original title: Papas Seele hat Schnupfen]

Papas Seele Hat Schnupfen_Korean
Korean edn.



Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You

Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You

Über tausend Hügelby Hanna Jansen

Together with her big brother Jando and her little sister Teya, Jeanne is well looked after as she grows up in Rwanda. Her parents—both teachers and members of the Tutsi—educate their children with affectionate rigour.

But shortly after Jeanne’s eighth birthday her carefree childhood comes to a sudden end: in April 1994 the Rwandan genocide begins and in just 100 days a million people lose their lives. Amongst the dead are Jando, Teya and Jeanne’s parents.

Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You narrates the story of an impressive girl that flees from the murderers of her family. The book tells of Jeanne’s fear and despair, but also of her courage, her pride and her unwavering will to survive the catastrophe. She starts a new life far away from Rwanda.

Jeanne’s story is unique yet her fate is exemplary of the plight and distress of innumerable people who suffer and experience migration and displacement today.

This is an extraordinary book. It needs to be on the school curriculum, like The Diary of Ann Frank or All Quiet on the Western Front. I’ll never forget it. – Emma Thompson

At times I couldn’t bear to carry on reading, I was so deeply affected by it. – Berlie Doherty

  • New, revised edition!
  • Winner of the Buxtehuder Bulle
  • Austrian Children’s and Young Adult Prize – Nomination
  • Goldmedal Indpendent Publisher Book Award
  • Friedrich-Gerstäcker-Prize – Nomination

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 304 pp | Feb 2015 | 14+

Rights sold: Dutch, English, Korean

[original title: Über tausend Hügel wandere ich mit dir]

What Races Past so Fast?

Regular reprints

by Thomas Müller  Was braust website

No less than 33 different vehicles are racing past the reader in this funny board book. A bicycle, a fire engine, a taxi, a digger, a snowplow, a coach, a police car, a limousine, a gangster car, a delivery van, a motorbike with a side car, a fuel tanker … you name it! – they are all part of this crazy race … But where are they going? Can you guess what will finally make them stop? I’ll tell you this much: it’s yet another vehicle!
A tremendously entertaining board book for the youngest. The nostalgic looking vehicles will not just amuse the children, but mum and dad alike. A refreshingly different take on the many books on vehicles that are published every year. There are lots of things to point out and to marvel at. The clever ending is bound to have the children insist on innumerous repetitions of the race.
  • White Raven 2014
  • Winner of the Leipzig Reading Compass 2014
  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesung
Quite simply THE book on vehicles! – the jury

 Moritz Verlag | board | 32 pp | 218 x 178 mm | August 2013 | 2+

Rights sold: Danish, Faroese, French, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish

[original title: Was braust so schnell vorbei?]

Tickle My Ears

by Jörg Mühle Nur noch kurz 3D

Regular reprints – join the next co-edition!

Honey Bunny is very tired and it’s bed time already. When the little reader taps Honey Bunny on the shoulder, it turns around. When the reader claps his/her hands, Honey Bunny jumps into its pyjamas and when the pillow has been fluffed up, too, it’s time for a goodnight kiss. But it’s only when the reader has switched off the light that Honey Bunny can finally snuggle up and happily drop off to sleep – just like the little reader him-/herself!

  • White Raven 2015
  • Leselotse Recommendation – Jan 2015
  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen
  • Nominated as Babybook of the Year 2015 (Netherlands)

A wonderful interactive bedtime book for children and little rabbits. – Axel Scheffler

The most unbelievably cute book imaginable! – Björn Lauer, Hugendubel

The illustrations are harmoniously reduced, the colours dipped in evening-soft tones, the instructions simple and varied – and the cute protagonist doesn’t just enchant tired children. With a big cuddle and favourite-book-factor! – Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation)

Moritz Verlag | board | 22 pp | 170 x 170 mm | Feb 2015 | 2+

Rights sold: Chinese (complex), Dutch, English (world), Faroese, Finnish, French, Japanes, Korean, Polish, Swedish

[original title: Nur noch kurz die Ohren kraulen?]

The second title in the series:

Honey Bunny’s Bathtime






So Far Up

Regular co-edition opportunities!

by Susanne Straßer  So weit oben

At the bottom is the bear, he’s hungry. At the top is the cake. Tasty, sweet and out of reach.

This story has begun before you’ve even opened the book and even the very young will grasp the problem at one glance. Not to be able to reach – that is precisely what they experience every day!

But then pig arrives, followed by the dog, the rabbit, the chicken and the frog. The old trick works: Giving each other a leg-up leads to an ever-growing, funny and wobbly ladder that grows with the turn of every page.

  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2015

How Susanne Straßer succeeds in narrating soooo much with so few resources and have the little readers so spellbound is truly masterly. – Buchhandlung Eulenspiegel

A brilliant example that goes to show what often ridiculed board books are capable of! – The jury – Leipzig Reading Compass

This picture book treasure is illustrated affectionately and funny at the same time and highly recommendable for children aged 2 and up (and not just for those!) – Monika Seyerlein

Peter Hammer Verlag | board book | 24 pp | 165 x 280 mm | 2014 | 2+

Rights sold: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English (world), French, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

[original title: So weit oben]




by Joy Cowley  Dunger

William and Melissa have been roped into helping their old hippie grandparents fix up their holiday home in the middle of the Sounds. They’ll have no electricity, no cellphone reception, and only each other for company. As far as they’re concerned, this is not a holiday.

A highly readable new pre-teen novel from the beloved New Zealand writer Joy Cowley.

  • Winner, NZ Post Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2014, Junior Fiction category
  • Winner, LIANZA Book Awards 2014, Esther Glen Junior Fiction category
  • Storylines Notable Book

Spirited, warm, intelligent and has sensible and mature messages to impart. – The Bookbag (UK)

Hilarious and endearing. – The NZ Listener 50 Best Children’s Books of 2013, November 2013

Dry, droll and never dull … rich and deep. This is what our ordinary lives are like. manages to give us pride in ourselves and also makes us laugh at ourselves. – Judges’ Report, New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, June 2014

Gecko Press | pb | 156 pp | Oct 2013 | 10+

Rights sold: Korean

Is it Really True?

52 Opportunities to Talk About Lies and the Truth  Echt wahr

by Antje Damm 

Does everyone lie every now and again? Is it allowed to tell white lies?
Why do we want to know the truth?
Is there always just one truth?
Can animals lie?

Lies can have far-reaching consequences. But they can also be a last resort. When do we have to say the truth? Are invented stories not often the more interesting ones? This book contains many fascinating starting points to give thought to the lie and the truth.

  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen
  • Book of the Month – Feb 2015, German Academy for Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Best Books of 2014, Category “Non-fiction” – Leporello

An ingeniously small book on a big topic. – Hans ten Doornkaat, NZZ on Sunday

A playful yet philosophical approach of the vast and diverse topic of the truth and the lie. –

The entertaining and inspiring book encourages reflections about moral and tolerance and it opens windows for the discussion about the last things which are often the first for young people. – Angelika Overrath, NZZ

Moritz Verlag | hc | 112 pp | 20 x 15 cm | Sept 2014 | 5+

Rights sold: Korean, Spanish

[original title: Echt wahr?]

Monday is Back-to-front-cap-day

Monday is Back-to-front-cap-day

Montag ist Mützenfalschrumtagby Arne Rautenberg & Jens Rassmus

Arne Rautenberg’s poems are fun! Even more so when he rhymes for children. He juggles sounds, words and crazy ideas until they form something new that encourages laughter and even reflection.

This book contains 40 refreshingly unpedagogical poems that don’t care a straw what is supposed to belong into a proper poem. Embarrassing and decent stuff, meaningful and nonsensical content, clever and foolish ideas: anything goes—as long as it is original and witty.

Together with Jens Rassmus’s illustrations this all makes out for a loveable ingenious book that pleases the entire family.

White Raven 2014

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 48 pp | 150 x 237 mm | 2014 | 5+

All rights available


The Visit

by Antje Damm  Der Besuch_final

Elise is lonely and fearful. She never leaves her flat. But one day, a strange object flies in through the open window. And the following day, Elise has an unexpected visitor. This is to be a visit that will change everything …

A beautiful, gentle and sympathetic story about how an inquisitive and self-confident child unwittingly breaks through a woman’s isolation– gradually bringing light and colour back into her life.

Antje Damm’s ingenious depiction through extraordinary photographs of the three-dimensional setting that she illustrated, cut out and built, succeeds in capturing and mesmerising the reader in a unique manner.

  • Leselotse Recommendation – Jan 2015
  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2015
  • Nimmerland Picture Book Award 2015
  • Troisdorf Picture Book Award 2017 (2nd place)

What an elaborate technique! And what an awesome effect! – Süddeutsche Zeitung

It has been a long time since picture book happiness spread so charmingly, elegantly and impishly. – Hans ten Doornkaat, NZZ on Sunday

The illustrator and picture book maker Antje Damm has hit the mark again. […] A dream of a picture book! – Buchhandlung Dombrowsky, Regensburg

Antje Damm conjures a story onto paper that could not be more enchanting. She has the two protagonists literally act inside a room from a dollhouse as cut-out figures, illuminates and photographs the scenes. […] It is an inconceivable transformation that happens to the room and Elise at the same time. This requires almost no words. The few words are the right ones. […] The little ones already feel this, the big ones understand it and everyone is moved. – Andrea Wanner, titel-Magazin

Moritz Verlag | hc | 40 pp | 194 x 256 mm | 2015 | 4+

Rights sold: Afrikaans, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovenian, Spanish

[original title: Der Besuch]

Der Besuch_interior1









Shepherd Raul

by Eva Muggenthaler  Schäfer Raul 4

Raul has looked after his sheep for so long that he has begun to look a little bit like a sheep himself. This has to change. The shepherd moves into the city, gets new clothes and soon meets Barbara, who he really likes. But his sheep are missing him and they set out to look for him.
An amusing and touching picture book.

  • Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 307 x 315 mm | 1997 | 4+

Rights sold: Chinese (compl.), Galician, Korean, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish

[original title: Der Schäfer Raul]

Clever Mama Sambona

by Tobias Krejtschi & Hermann Schulz  Mama Sambona

Mama Sambona, the wise old queen, lives in the heart of Africa. One day an elegant gentleman comes to see her. He wants to bring Mama Sambona to her forefathers: He is Death. But Mama Sambona is still loving life and has got a lot of plans: She is not at all willing to go with him! And since Mama Sambona is a very clever old woman, she has some ideas how to fool him three times. In the end Death is outwitted by her and – according to the rules – has to wait many years until he is allowed to knock at her door again. A fantastic parable on the zest for life, powerfully illustrated by an extraordinarily talented young artist.

  • Troisdorf Picture Book Award
  • German Children’s Literature Award (Nomination)

Peter Hammer Verlag | picture book | hc | 24 pp | 300 x 217 mm | 2007 | 4+

Rights sold: Danish, Korean, Swedish

[original title: Die schlaue Mama Sambona]

The Child in the Moon

by Aljoscha Blau & Jürg Schubiger  Kind im Mond2

The moon – near yet unreachable – captivates our gaze and focuses our desires. But who would have thought that it is just the same the other way round? That there is a man, his wife and a child in the Moon, looking down to Earth and yearning just the same? This is what it is like in this story by Jürg Schubiger, who has quite a lot to tell about the people up there, even if he is wondering about a few things himself. We learn what the family in the Moon has for breakfast and how they ‘watch television’ in the evenings by looking at the bright blue planet. The woman in the Moon knows about a lot of things: sausages and fresh bread, black forest cake and snowmen. “Heaven only knows how she knew all of this.” The child in the Moon gradually develops a great longing for Earth. And then comes a day when it simply takes off …. Aljoscha Blau’s magnificent illustrations show us what it looks like on the Moon. He immerses the strangely quiet moon life in a white light and thus gives it an unearthly enchantment. One of the miracles to be found on the Moon is made tangible in a sensational manner: it is a raven with gleaming feathers that flies past with hardly a stroke of its wings, the blue planet far behind it in the black sky. “Heaven only knows where the bird came from”, the narrator wonders. And we marvel at the force of these images that shift freely between dream and reality.

  • Winner of the Pied Piper Literature Award 2014
  • Selected as one of the “7 Best Books for Children”

Peter Hammer Verlag | picture book | hc | 24 pp | 240 x 290 mm | Feb 2013 | 5+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)

[original title: Das Kind im Mond]

The Tiny Giant and the Tall Dwarf

The Tiny Giant and the Tall Dwarf

Kleiner Rieseby Barbara Nascimbeni & Werner Holzwarth

When someone living in the land of the giants is small, he’ll have a hard time. Just like someone who turns out very tall in the land of the dwarves. The giants laugh about the short one, the dwarves ridicule the tall one.

A vividly told story that explains the issue of being different to the youngest of readers – humorously and in a fabulous colourful and vibrant scenery.

A fairy-tale-like story with a topic that is particularly important in the daily lives of the target audience: friendship and being different. Brightly coloured […] with very clear and large illustrations this is a perfect book to read to children and it offers starting points for a group discussion. Reading pleasure for big and small dwarves! – Leipziger Lesekompass

Winner of the Leipzig Reading Compass 2012

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 24 pp | 328 x 252 mm | 2011 | 4+

Rights sold: Portuguese


The White and the Black Bear

by Eva Muggenthaler & Jürg Schubiger    8f0b0d1758

The little girl is lying in her bed, her eyes wide open. The night is black and you can get lost in the dark room like in a dark forest. But thank God, there is the white bear! He is sitting at the little girl’s bedside every night, slightly shimmering in the darkness. One day the white bear is gone and it is pitch-dark. the girl thinks: “IF there is still a bear sitting beside my bed it must be a black one.” And indeed: she can hear a moist nose snuffling.

A wonderfully written book about the power of imagination, remarkably illustrated with countless details.

Link to the Litrix Website with detailed description and English translation

  • Owl of the Month
  • One of the 7 Best Children’s Books
  • Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award

Peter Hammer Verlag | picture books | hc | 32 pp | 24 x 28 cm | 2007 | 4+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Korean, Spanish

[original title: Der weiße und der schwarze Bär]

Think for Yourself! 20 Philosophical Strategies

by Jens Soentgen & Nadia Budde  selbstdenken

What do philosophers do when they philosophise? Books that deal with philosophy tell of great thinkers, their views and their lives. Philosophising itself remains in the dark. How it works, how it fosters creative and independent thinking, is now demonstrated by Jens Soentgen.

He introduces the most popular and effective practices of philosophy, not abstract, but as an entertaining game – closely associated with the invitation to play along. The illustrations by Nadia Budde effectively support the text and render the reading into pure pleasure.

Link to the Litrix website with detailed description and English sample translation

  • German Children’s Literature Award 2004 – Nomination

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 224 pp | 220 x 164 mm | 2003 | 14+

Rights sold: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, Korean

[original title: Selbstdenken!]



Naught and Nothing. Occasions to Think about Nothingness

by Antje Damm Nichts und wieder nichts

Are we nothing before we are born? Is it possible that nothingness is a hole? Where does a journey into nothingness lead?

It is questions such as these that Antje Damm asks in this book and she thus takes children absolutely seriously. Her unique composition of succinct phrases with often mind-boggling pictures instantaneously animates children to think for themselves – because philosophising in this way is fun! And along the way you learn of composers who have an orchestra play nothing for 4 minutes and 33 seconds, of artists who tried to paint nothing. And who was it that said “I know that I know nothing”?

  • “Kröte des Monats” [Toad of the Month] – STUBE, Jan 2010
  • Recommendation – Illustration Award for Children’s Books 2010

Moritz Verlag | picture book | hc | 96 pp | 20.2 x 15 cm | 2009 | 6+

Rights sold: Korean, Spanish (Latin America)

[original title: Nichts und wieder nichts]

browse a few sample pages here:

One Bee Too Many

by Andrés Pi Andreu & Kim Amate La abeja de mas

One fine day, the bees called for a grand assembly in the beehive. The purpose of the meeting? To discuss why it was that they were always all squashed together in cramped working conditions. After many complex computations, equations and calculations, they realized that there was one bee too many in their beehive! The bees panicked: Who was it? How would they identify her? And once they did, what would they do with her? Through entertaining illustrations and humor, this delightful story explores such serious topics as prejudice and tolerance.

  • White Raven 2013

Takatuka | hc | 32 pp | 240 x 280 mm | 5+

Rights sold: German, Korean

[original title: La abeja de más]

Tales of Fontania

Volume of Possible Endings

Queen and the Nobody Boy

Travelling Restaurant

The Travelling Restaurant (vol. 1)

The Queen and the Nobody Boy (vol. 2)

The Volume of Possible Endings (vol. 3)

by Barbara Else

The Travelling Restaurant

In the reign of Lady Gall (Provisional Monarch of Fontania), the word ‘magic’ is forbidden...  When 12 year old Jasper Ludlow’s parents flee the city, he gets left behind and finds refuge on The Travelling Restaurant, a sailing ship captained by old Dr Rocket and crewed by feisty PollyJasper faces challenges, adventures, storms and hungry pirates. Should he go in search of his parents, or his lost baby sister? Who should he trust? And why is Lady Gall hunting him?

  • New Zealand IBBY Honour Book for Writing 2012
  • NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2012, Junior finalist
  • Storylines Notable Book 2012
  • White Raven Award 2012
  • LIANZA Esther Glen Award 2012

One of the most enchanting books that I have read for a long time… I just absolutely loved it. – Kate De Goldi 

A heaping plateful of adventure, spiced to perfection with dangers, deft humor and silly bits. – Starred Kirkus review

Gecko Press | 304 pp | April 2011 |11 +

Rights sold: Dutch, French

The Queen and the Nobody Boy

Hodie is the unpaid odd-job boy at the Grand Palace in the Kingdom of Fontania. Fed-up, he decides to leave and better himself. The young Queen, 12-year-old Sibilla, is fed-up too, because of gossip about her lack of magical ability. She decides to run away with Hodie, whether he likes it or not. An adventure story about greed, rebellion, and finding allies in the most unlikely places.

  • Storylines Notable Book 2013
  • Junior Fiction Honour Award, NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2013
  • Junior Fiction Finalist, LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2013

Else makes the book into something that you just can’t tear yourself away from! – The Guardian

Gecko Press | 326 pp | Sept 2012 | 11+

The Volume of Possible Endings

Dorrity is the only child in magic-free Owl Town. When she finds an enchanted book with dire predictions, she must face her enemies. And who is the strange boy who has appeared in the Beastly Dark?

This stand-alone pre-teen adventure/fantasy novel is third book in the ‘Tale of Fontania’ series of novels. Filled with humour, action, adventure, and magic, this is a truly gripping read featuring a large and memorable cast of characters.

Gecko Press | 336 pp | Nov 2014 | 11+
All rights available

From the Stars to Morning Dew

A Voyage of Discovery through the Natural World Von den Sternen

by Jens Soentgen

Jens Soentgen’s voyage through nature stretches right through, from top to bottom, from macrocosm to microcosm. In doing so, the natural scientist and philosopher accomplishes something rare: he describes the phenomena he encounters with impressive subject-specific knowledge and romantic enthusiasm. Unearthing magnificent stories from the scientific findings on nature and cosmology, he tells these with such an enthusiasm that you are unable to put the book down. As it is only possible to learn through your own perception, the book contains easy experiments. Luminous bacteria, for example, can be discovered on dead herring and the secrets of Stonehenge viewed on nothing but a window.

  • German Children’s Literature Award – Nomination
  • Science Book of the Year Award 2011

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 405 pp | July 2010 | 13+

Rights sold: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Korean, Russian

[original title: Von den Sternen bis zum Tau]

Lemon Yellow and Fiery Red

by Sabine Lohf  Zitronengelb lr

This is not just a book about colours. Sabine Lohf introduces the reader to 51 shades of colour; with numerous photographs, collages and engaging illustrations. A fire engine isn’t just red, it’s fiery red, of course! Just as much as a mouse is mouse grey and cherries cherry-red.

The photos and images are very entertaining and even the youngest readers will easily relate to them and be captivated by their charm.

Sabine Lohf enchants the reader with imaginatively conceived collages and home-made items, manufactured from various materials … A unique concept that succeeds with wordplay and creativity all round. –

  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2014
  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen

Moritz Verlag | board | 108 pp | 140 x 136 mm | Aug 2013 | 2+

All rights available

[original title: Zitronengelb und Feuerrot]

If I Was a Pirate

by Karin Koch & André Rösler Wär ich Pirat

Pirates curse, they eat red runner beans with onions and garlic and their farts are as loud as a clap of thunder. Leander knows that when he sails the seas one day he will also be as wild as a pirate every now and then.

His real life is far from exciting: speech therapy on Mondays, music lessons on Tuesdays, psychomotility on Wednesdays, English and archery on Thursdays and creativity training on Fridays. And school, of course. Leander only likes archery and the girl Ellie who he’d love to meet up with to play one day. At home mum is busy with the baby, dad works late and Leander is considerate of everyone else.
“For God’s sake!” – only pirates would shout something like that. But Leander is only in the second class and no pirate yet. When things get too much for him one day, he starts walking along the river twards  the sea –  on and on.
And while Leander dreams of faraway worlds, the adults are suddenly wide awake!

  • Winner of the Children’s Book Prize NRW 2013

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 48 pp | 2012 | 8+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)

[original title: Wär ich Pirat]

Granddad’s Sandwiches

41GpEhEBLkL._SL500_AA300_by Antje Damm

Granddad Hansel is coming to visit! Antje can hardly wait. Mum is already spending the whole day cleaning the house and Antje is putting together those things that she wants to show Granddad: her school report, for example, but also her new leather gloves. Then she will play her favourite games with him and listen to him explain the most fascinating facts about animals and plants. If only her little brothers Fabi and Flo weren’t such a pain in the neck all the time!
Antje is especially looking forward to the sandwiches Granddad always brings, because they are yummy and taste of adventures and the whole wide world.

  • White Raven 2013
  • Children’s Book Prize NRW 2012 

Moritz Verlag | hc | 52 pp | 15 x 21.8 cm | March 2012 | 7+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)

[original title: Hasenbrote]

In the Dark

by Julia Dürr & Minna McMaster  Im Dunkeln

Stunningly illustrated story of what happens when there’s a power cut and renders everything into pitch-black darkness. The little boy and his parents quickly adjust and find that there quite a few things you can entertain yourselves with. They also discover that a lot of things are very different and rather fascinating in the dark: eating food, brushing your teeth, putting on your pyjamas…

A wonderful book to help children overcome fear of the dark.

  • Nominated for the German Design Award in 2010
  • Stiftung Buchkunst Award: one of the Most Beautiful German Picture Books in 2008

Ivy-Verlag | hc | 28.4 x 21.8 cm | 2008 | 4+

Rights sold: Chinese (complex & simplified), Danish, Russian

[original title: Im Dunkeln]

When Death Came Calling

by Rotraut Susanne Berner & Jürg Schubiger  Als der Tod

Jürg Schubiger and Rotraut Susanne Berner tell the story of a village somewhere back in time when death was still completely unknown. Nobody had ever encountered him and everything that existed remained safe and sound.

But then one day death walks into the village and from that very moment everything changes fundamentally.

Jürg Schubiger’s finespun words and Rotraut Susanne Berner’s clear, significant pictures show in an ingenious and touching manner how death brings grief and sorrow into the world but at the same time compassion, care and consolation.

  • German Design Award 2014 – ‘Special Mention’
  • Awarded as One of the Most Beautiful German Books 2012
  • White Raven 2012
  • LesePeter 2011

Link to LITRIX (detailed description & sample translation)

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 25 x 21.5 cm | 2011 | 5+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified & complex), French, Spanish

[original title: Als der Tod zu uns kam]


All the Time in the World. Opportunities to Talk About Time

by Antje Damm  Alle Zeit der Welt

Summertime, wintertime, spare time, timeout, best-before-dates – everything has its own time. Antje Damm renders time both visible and tangible -with photos, pictures and thought-provoking impulses. A book that not only children can spend a great deal of time with!

  • One of the 7 Best Children’s Books (June 2007)
  • List of Recommendations – Luchs Jury
  • List of Recommendations – Catholic Prize for Children’s and Young Adults’ Books
  • List of Recommendations – Illustration Award

One cannot look at such a book for long enough – Die Welt

There are few books that are so gentle, so artistic, so convincing and at the same time truly and in the best sense suitable for children. Antje Damm’s timeless as well as universal picture book belongs to those books for which you should absolutely take the time! –

Moritz Verlag | hc | 96 pp | 19.8 x 15.2 cm | 2010 | 6+

Rights sold: Korean, Spanish (Latin America)

[original title: Alle Zeit der Welt]

A Little House in the Woods

by Jutta Bauer  Bauer lr

Jutta Bauer has transformed the well-known children’s rhyme that can also be enacted as a pantomime into a wonderful warm-hearted story about trust and (unlikely) friendships. Expect the unexpected!

Marvellous illustrations, this is a true gem!

Press reviews

  • Bücherbüffet Prize 2012

Moritz Verlag | board | 36 pp | 17 x 17 cm | 2012 | 2+

Rights sold: Chinese (complex & simpl.), Danish, Faroese, French, Icelandic, Korean, Spanish

[original title: Steht im Wald ein kleines Haus]

One Two Three Me

by Nadia Budde  Eins zwei drei Tier

Eye-catching, funky art and unexpected rhymes come together in this little book to show just how silly everyday words can be. Kids will crack up at the outrageous cartoon illustrations.

  • Winner of the German Children’s Literature Award
  • Winner of the Oldenburg Children’s Book Prize
  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers

Ingeniously simple, but yet with a striking impact. […] a piece of art, derived from utter intellectual independence and the sheer delight in rhyming. – Tilman Spreckelsen, FAZ

Peter Hammer Verlag | board | 18 pp | 1999 | 3+

Rights sold: Galician, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

[original title: Eins Zwei Drei Tier]

Little Giraffe Gwendolin

by Andreas Német & Hans-Christian Schmidt Gwendolin lr

Little Gwendolin is ill, she is running a temperature. And her tongue is bright red – children know what that’s like. Also dad saying “I will give you a cuddle. Drink your tea and sleep a little” will be familiar to children. With the tabs they can help Gwendolin to get well again: they can measure her temperature and help her drink her tea. And indeed: the following morning Gwendolin is already much better and energetically jumps out of bed!

The board book specialists Német and Schmidt from Dresden have succeeded in preparing a truly charming book that corresponds to the children’s world of experience. Children will love it just as much as it will help their parents to comfort them during an illness.

  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2013

Moritz Verlag | board | 12 pp | 16.5 x 21 cm | August 2012 | 2+

All rights available

[original title: Gwendolin Giraffenkind]

One More

by Christiane Pieper & Yvonne Hergane   Einer mehr

In this funny picture book we come across many little boys, there is one more on every new page. Accompanied by amusing and simple rhymes the tots do what little boys always do: they are running and shouting, laughing and teasing each other, playing and eating – to cut it short: they are having a lot of fun.

When nine exhausted boys finally lie in their beds, the tenth little fellow appears in the disguise of a ghost and the brief moment of silence comes to a sudden end!

A colourful picture book which is great pleasure for the youngest.

  • Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2012 (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis)

View a few sample pages here

Peter Hammer Verlag | board | 24 pp | 23 x 17.6 cm | 2011 | 2+

Rights sold: Arabic-German, Dutch

[original title: Einer mehr]

Mrs. Meier, the Blackbird

by Wolf Erlbruch   Frau Meier

Mrs Meier worries all the time. Worries about all and everything and mostly without any reason. But one morning there is one: Mrs Meier finds a young blackbird that has fallen from its nest. She picks it up, feeds it and brings it up with great patience. Finally, when the little blackbird is fledged, she even starts thinking about how to teach him fly. Mrs Meier climbs the tree in her garden and starts her adventurous lessons.

A delightful story about love and care which relieves people from their fears and confiments.

  • Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award
  • Pied Piper Literature Award

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 28.5 x 24.5 cm | 1995 | 5+

Rights sold: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

[original title: Frau Meier, die Amsel]


The Miracle of the Bears

by Wolf Erlbruch  Bärenwunder

The bear is tired of being alone. He yearns to have a child, but does not know what to do. So he starts wandering around asking everybody what he has to do to become a father. The rabbit tells him that children grow on the field like turnips. The magpie advises him to lay an egg and hatch it. The salmon tells him the old story about the stork who brings the children. In the end the poor bear is totally confused. But then he meets a female bear who seems to feel what he is longing for. Side by side they walk into the high grass.

A lovely picture book which makes young children ask crucial questions and which helps to find suitable answers. And a wonderful present for expectant mothers and fathers.

  • Winner of the German Children’s Literature Award

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 21.5 x 30 cm | 1992 | 3+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Czech, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

[original title: Das Bärenwunder]

The Butterfly Workshop

by Wolf Erlbruch & Gioconda Belli Werkstatt der Schmetterlinge

Rodolfo, one of the Designers of All Things and grandson of the esteemed inventor of the rainbow, dreams of creating a creature that flies like a bird has the beauty of a flower. Whilst sitting by the lake and wondering how to do this he finally has a great idea.

A delightful tale about an artist trying to find his way in the world.

  •  Luchs Award

 Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 42 pp | 35 x 25 cm | 2000 | 5+

Rights sold: Catalan, Chinese (simpl.), Danish, Dutch, English, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish

[original title: Die Werkstatt der Schmetterlinge]


by Wolf Erlbruch  Leonard

Leonard loves dogs and he knows everything about them. But at the same time he fears nothing as much as dogs. Until one day a little fairy appears on his bed cover and fulfills his biggest wish: she transforms him into a dog. But now something unexpected happens: Leonard the dog fears nothing as much as little boys…

  • German Children’s Literature Award – Nomination

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 30.6 x 21.5 cm | 1991 | 4+

Rights sold: Arabic-German, Afrikaans, Chinese (complex & simplified), Dutch, English, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish