You Could

by Ignasi Blanch & Joana Raspall

If you had been born

in another land,

you could be white,

you could be black…

The colour of our skin, our languages, food, clothes, games … it could all be different if we had been in another place. Some things would be better, others worse, but what is for sure is that we are all human beings with common feelings and needs, no one is immune to unfortunate turns of events. That’s why standing by the ones who are suffering misfortune in any of its forms should be the priority of everyone.

This simple reflection in verse about the human condition, addressed to children and adults, is an emotive homage to all of those people who have had to abandon their homes against their wishes.

Takatuka | hc | 32 pp | 215 x 260 mm | 2017 | 6+

All rights available

[original title: Podries | Prodrias]




If I Was a Banana

by Kieran Rynhart & Alexandra Tylee

A strong and simple picture book that perfectly encapsulates the world of a childif-i-was-a-banana

If I was a banana, I would be that one, so beautifully yellow and full of banana …

This boy’s eye-view of the everyday brings alive all the wonder and oddity of the world inside our own heads. It beautifully captures the magic that a child can find in common objects and day-to-day encounters—bananas, toys, breakfast, stars.

Each of these simple things sparks a new train of thought, and the result is a gorgeous mix of the poetic and the prosaic which will touch the child—and the heart—in all of us.

… this low-key, whimsical exploration of imagination repays repeat readings…those who share the unnamed narrator’s quirky viewpoint will be pleased to discover that they aren’t the only ones who wonder. – Kirkus Reviews (US), August 2016

Through each “If I was” scenario, the voice of the narrator begins to echo children around this age–full of questions and curiosity. The vast imagination is met with gorgeous illustrations that express the´ child’s wonder and portray each animal or object with precise likeness. Perfect for young readers who like to dream and think about the “what ifs” on a lazy afternoon. -Reviews Coming at YA (US) – August 2016

Gecko Press | 32 pp | 260 x 210 mm | Oct 2016 | 3+

All rights available


That’s NOT a Hippopotamus!

by Sarah Davis & Juliette MacIver

A deft and delightful tale, packed with word play and madcap energy

A class trip to the zoo descents into a chathats-not-a-hippopootic hunt for the missing hippopotamus. Teacher, zookeeper and all the children join the search. The noise and drama reach a pitch, and no one thinks to listen to quiet Liam, who really might know where the hippo is hiding.

“MacIver’s bouncy, rhyming text betrays its antipodean origins with dropped H’s aplenty: “I got ’im, Miss! I got ’im, Miss!” Davis’ colorful illustrations match the text’s energy and zaniness, doing a better job than many at capturing racial differences among the children. Buoyant fun for the very young.” – Kirkus Reviews (US), August 2016

“Full of diversity, these adorable children are just what kids should be–silly and curious. The illustrations of the diverse class enhances adventure with colorful and racially diverse characters.” – Reviews Coming at YA (US) – August 2016

“It has all the frantic energy of something like Catch That Cookie, but it also speaks to those quiet kids in a class. Good-natured, funny, and a fabulous readaloud to groups of kids.” – Best of Books 2016, The School Library Journal (US), August 2016

Gecko Press | 32 pp | 250 x 260 mm | Oct 2016 | 3+

All rights available







How to be Famous

by Michal Shalev How to be famous

Take a trip through the zoo with this irrepressible pigeon, as she preens and poses alongside all the animals, right up to the sharp teeth of a grumpy lion…

Fantastic satire with deadpan black humour!

Simple written text with superb pencil and watercolour illustrations. The crocodile runway is terrific. If you miss this one you will kick yourself. – Bob’s Book Blog, Jan 2016


Shalev’s kicky, scrawled crayon and cut-paper art is sophisticated and energetic … a great example of a book in which the art and text tell opposing stories at the same time, this would be a natural pick for fans of Mo Willems’ own famous pigeon. – Booklist, US


This “pride goeth before a fall” story will provide many laughs and plenty to talk about. School Literary Journal, February 2016


Gecko Press | hc & pb | 32 pp | 230 x 240 mm | March 2016 | 3+

All rights available except for Chinese and Turkish language rights

How to be famous insides

Helios With an ‘H’

by Armand & Susana Gómez Redondo Helio con hache

Helios’ arrival in the world generates a lot of curiosity in Estrella, his brother, who observes fascinated by this little person who now forms part of the family. But little by little, fascination turns into suspicion when she sees that Helios has become the center of their parents’ attention, when before, she was that center. Helios spends his day attached to mom’s breast; mom is often tired and can’t read bedtime stories; there has to be silence when Helios sleeps… Jealousy shows its face as does anger towards this intruder who seems to have turned into the most important thing in the world.

A great story about the new baby brother and our place in the world.

Takatuka | hc | 40 pp | 215 x 280 mm | Nov 2015 | 4+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)

[original title: Helio con hache]


The Song of the Scales

by Ignasi Blanch & Alba Salvador Llopis cancion de las balanzas

Once upon a time there was a king who counted and recounted all of his possessions every morning from the window of his castle. Everything he saw was his: lands, wells, trees, and houses. All he cared about was the price of things, and not the happiness of the people. When young Ovidi goes to the castle to make a request in the name of the people, the monarch ignores him completely. They need a bridge to cross the river and go to school. The youth, despite the royal rejection, decides to go back to the castle a few days later to sing the king a song to change his attitude.

A children’s book inspired by the song written and composed by Josep Maria Carandell, and sung by Ovidi Montllor.

The tale of the self-centered king raises the topic of the distribution of wealth, and the importance of personal initiative and cooperation to build a free and solidary society.

Takatuka | hc | 36 pp | 275 x 240 mm | Oct 2015 | 5+

All rights available

[original title: La canción de las balanzas]

Have You Seen Elephant?

by David BarrowHave You Seen Elephant

An assured and exciting debut picture book from a top emerging talent, about a small boy and his elephant playing an absurd game of hide and seek.

Elephant wants to play hide and seek. But you’ll need to try your best—he’s very good!

Have You Seen Elephant is perfect for sharing with children, who will love finding elephant (and being better at it than the boy in the book!). Watch out for the dog and the tortoise, too …

  • Listed as one of the Best Picture Books of 2016 by Kirkus
  • Sebastian Walker Award for most promising children’s illustrator, Cambridge School of Art, Children’s Book Illustration Masters programme
  • Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2016

Beyond the sheer absurdity, children will delight in details, such as the wide-screen TV the elephant holds in one scene, the child’s dad so focused on the soccer game on the screen that he asks, “What elephant?” and the sly alterations to the family portraits on the rear endpapers. Younger audiences will be screaming “There it is!” from the get-go.- Kirkus Starred Review, Jan 2016


This book tickles the funnybone of children and adults equally. Part of the humour comes through the juxtaposition of the subdued, beautiful illustrations and the absurdity of an elephant trying to hide inside a standard lamp. – Julia Marshall, Gecko Press


A bonefide pitch perfect laugh out loud picture book for all ages. Debut author David Barrow has created a brilliant celebration of the limitless nature of a child’s imagination wrapped up in a deliciously sophisticated and accessible package. – Book Sniffer, UK

Click HERE to view David Barrow’s step-by-step guide on how to draw an elephant.

Gecko Press | hc picture book | 32 pp | 276 x 255 m | Oct 2015 | 3+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified & complex), Dutch, Korean, Slovenian




Hello World!

by Paul Beavis Hello World cover

A wonderful story of adventure and friendship, and a little monster who doesn’t like to wait—so he decides to step out into the world for the first time.
Mr. and Mrs. Mo are busy painting the house, and the monster is bored … until he has a grand idea: he’s off to see the world! But his big adventure becomes bigger than he expected, and the monster wishes that Mrs. Mo had come after all– with some sandwiches.

[This] calmly surreal invitation to explore … has the toddler ethos down pat. – Kirkus Reviews (US), June 2015

Gecko Press | hc | 32 pp | 240 x 230 mm | Oct 2015 | 4+

All rights available


Mrs. Mo’s Monster

by Paul Beavis Mrs Mos Monster_2

An energetic, endearing and hilarious debut picture book from an exciting new talent.

A monster with a one-track mind meets his match in an elderly lady called Mrs. Mo. With Mrs. Mo’s help, the monster is surprised to discover that he can do more than he ever thought—but that’s not the only surprise Mrs. Mo has in store …

Winner of the 2015 LIANZA Russel Clark Award

…a story with emotional and psychological depth but with all the lightness of touch and humour one could hope for, and illustrated in a truly eye-opening manner. – Zoe Toft- Playing by the Book

A fantastically fun book … Mrs Mo is fab! – Read it Daddy Blog

Judicious use of colour, various perspectives and basic shapes give the book a distinctive look. Effervescent, in an entirely understated sort of way. – Kirkus Reviews (US)

That rare picture book, one that gets better with each reading. – The Source (AUS/NZ)

Link to Mrs. Mo’s Monster Website with all reviews and more!

Gecko Press | hc | 36 pp | 240 x 230 mm | 2014 | 3+

Rights sold: Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Spanish 



When the Strongest Man in the World Answers the Phone

Cuando el hombre mas fuerteby Trill & Roser Rimbau

Every day, the strongest man in the world has to face limitations imposed by his age and height. People confuse him with his aunt on the telephone, he has to take the stairs to his apartment, because he can’t reach the button for the elevator. He gets sick in the car, broccoli terrorizes him, and he hates to have his hair cut. None of this makes him feel less like the strongest man in the world, nor does it diminish his drive to be the bravest fireman of all times.

Takatuka | hc | 32 pp | 210 x 210 mm | 2015 | 4+

All rights available

[original title: Quan l`home més fort del món agafa el teléfon]

Quima Plays with her Shadow

Quima plays with her shadow CATALANby Francesc Rovira & Roser Ros

Quima goes for a walk and discovers that something is following her everywhere, even if she tries to get rid of it: it’s her shadow. This discovery leads her to wonder about the origin and essence of shadows: what are they? What are they made of? Where do they come from? To find out, Quima decides to experiment with shadows using different objects, while her dad takes pictures of her.

A story accompanied by a poem and ideas for activities to create shadows of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Takatuka | pb | 32 pp | 150 x 180 mm | Mar 2015 | 4+

All rights available

[original title: La Quima juga amb la seva ombra]

Quima Has Lost her Sleep

Quima has lost her sleep CATALANby Francesc Rovira & Roser Ros

Quima is unable to go to sleep. No matter how often her parents ask her to try. She has lost Sleep. Her parents help her look for it and in the end, they find it hidden in the duvet. Sleep is trying to flee, but they have to catch it if they want Quima to be able to go to sleep.

A story accompanied by a poem and full instructions on how to build your own dream– or sleep-catcher.

Takatuka | pb | 32 pp | 150 x 180 mm | Mar 2015 | 4+

All rights available

[original title: La Quima ha perdut la son]


Rabietasby Anna Aparicio Català & Susana Gómez Redondo 

Kids tend to have mood swings. Absolute joy and happiness can turn into an attack of rage and a noisy tantrum, the reason for which is often hard to identify in the middle of the commotion. One minute everything is painted pink, and the next there’s tension and the grey clouds roll in and end up unleashing the storm. But storms blow over and a few words can help dry the tears and turn the frown into the biggest of smiles.

The changes in the colour palette in the illustrations serve to help depict the different moods children go through when they get angry or make up with someone. Reconciliation comes with communication, which doesn’t mean to tell the child whether it was right or wrong, but rather making it understand that yelling doesn’t make understanding any easier.

Takatuka | hc | 36 pp | 215 x 260 mm | 4+

All rights available

[original title: Rabietas]

One Bee Too Many

by Andrés Pi Andreu & Kim Amate La abeja de mas

One fine day, the bees called for a grand assembly in the beehive. The purpose of the meeting? To discuss why it was that they were always all squashed together in cramped working conditions. After many complex computations, equations and calculations, they realized that there was one bee too many in their beehive! The bees panicked: Who was it? How would they identify her? And once they did, what would they do with her? Through entertaining illustrations and humor, this delightful story explores such serious topics as prejudice and tolerance.

  • White Raven 2013

Takatuka | hc | 32 pp | 240 x 280 mm | 5+

Rights sold: German, Korean

[original title: La abeja de más]

The Day Saída Arrived

by Susana Gómez Redondo & Sonja Wimmer El dia que Saida

A tale about a silent encounter: one day, Saída arrives at school – but she doesn’t speak! She comes from another country far away, and it seems as if she lost all her words during the journey. But Saída and her friend don’t give up, even though they lack a common language. They discover new ways of understanding each other, gestures, images and touch. Their story is one about friendship and solidarity and knowing that there are different worlds each individual world can benefit from  – provided you are ready to open your eyes and approach it with an open mind.

The magical search for language as a wonderful story about friendship – Süddeutsche Zeitung


… a wonderful story about the power of language to overcome boundaries. A book that deserves a vast readership. – Tagesspiegel


An award-worthy example of real picture-book-artistry that enchants in every way. – bv.medienprofile


… the language frees itself from the constraints of a faithful reproduction, it is playful and unfolds its magic. – 1000 und 1 Buch

Takatuka | hc | 36 pp | 240 x 220 mm | 5+

Rights sold: German, Portuguese (Brazil)

[original title: El día que Saída llego]






Frau Meiers Monster

von Paul Beavis  Mrs Mos Monster_2

Ein Monster, das nichts anderes im Kopf hat als alles Mögliche zu fressen und kaputt zu kauen, erlebt eine Überraschung, als es auf eine ältere Dame namens Mrs Mo trifft. Mit ihrer Hilfe entdeckt es, dass es zu sehr viel mehr in der Lage ist, als es je vermutet hätte. Aber das ist nicht die einzige Überraschung, die Mrs Mo auf Lager hat.

Ein liebenswertes Bilderbuch, das zu lautem Vorlesen mit Mitsprechen einlädt – von einem vielversprechenden neuen Illustrator aus Neuseeland!

…a story with emotional and psychological depth but with all the lightness of touch and humour one could hope for, and illustrated in a truly eye-opening manner. – Zoe Toft- Playing by the Book

A fantastically fun book … Mrs Mo is fab! – Read it Daddy Blog

Judicious use of colour, various perspectives and basic shapes give the book a distinctive look. Effervescent, in an entirely understated sort of way. – Kirkus Reviews (US)

Gecko Press | hc | 36 S. | 24 x 23 cm | April 2014 | 3+

Lizenzen: Chinesisch (Kurzzeichen), Dänisch, Katalanisch, Spanisch

[Originaltitel: Mrs. Mo’s Monster]

Vincent Brown

von Irisz Agócs & Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin Vincent Brown

Vincent Brown ist ein griesgrämiger und überaus muffeliger Bär. Er hasst das Zwitschern der Vögel und das Flattern von Schmetterlingen. Er freut sich auf den langen dunklen Winter, wenn er endlich alleine sein und ungestört seinen Winterschlaf halten kann.

Aber als er sich gerade zufrieden in sein Bett kuscheln will, wird er in seiner Winterruhe von einem Geräusch gestört, das er noch nie zuvor gehört hat. Ein Geräusch, das sein Leben grundlegend verändern wird …

  • Irish Book of the Year Award 2014 – Shortlist

Futa Fata | hc | 32 Seiten | 26,5 x 23 cm | August 2013 | 3+

Lizenzen: Chinesisch

Lulus Nacht der Geräusche

von Steve Simpson & Ailbhe Nic Giolla Bhrighde   Lulu

Lulu hat große Angst vor den seltsamen Geräuschen, die sie nachts um sich herum hört, während sie auf ihrem großen Baum zu schlafen versucht. Kann ihre Freundin die Eule sie davon überzeugen, dass sie sich nicht zu fürchten braucht?

Futa Fata | hc | 32 Seiten | 27 x 24 cm | Sept 2010

Lizenzen: Chinesisch, Schottisch-Gälisch, Thailändisch

[Originaltitel: Lulu and the Noisy Night]

Der Drachenjäger

von Steve Simpson & Patricia Forde  Dragon Hunter

“Wenn ich groß bin, werde ich ein Drachenjäger”. Der kleine Bär träumt von einer Zukunft, in der er groß und mutig sein wird, von dem Tag, an dem ihm nichts mehr Angst machen kann. Im Augenblick gibt es noch so einige Dinge, die ihm unheimlich sind.

Aber als er sich auf ein wagemutiges Abenteuer begibt, tief hinein in das Land seiner Phantasie, entdeckt der kleine Bär wie viel Mut er eigentlich jetzt schon besitzt.

  • CBI-Children’s Book of the Year Award 2013 – Shortlisted
  • White Ravens 2013
  • Childrens Books Ireland: Shortlisted for Book of the Years Awards 2013    

Verbal and visual texts work well together in this story of the fears of a little one,  where readers learn that without fear, there can never be courage and bravery – CBI  Children Books Awards 2013

Futa Fata | hc | 32 Seiten | 26.5 x 23 cm | Sept 2012 | 3+

Lizenzen: Afrikaans, Chinesisch, Französisch, Koreanisch, Schottisch-Gälisch, Thailändisch

[Originaltitel: The Dragon Hunter]