Iris Genenz

My Secret Life as a Monster Hunter - Why You Should Never Fall into a Storm Drain

13-year-old Charly Hartnuss, a comic and fantasy fan, lives in the world’s most boring small town in the world – Darknest. He dreams of having superhero powers, then the others would surely stop bullying him and he would be able to impress his big crush Dalia.

Thanks to a chain of events of wild coincidences, he ends up on the bus of two monster hunters from the Otherlands, a magical parallel world. Every year on Halloween, they capture magical creatures that have lost their way and escaped into our world. And in his Halloween costume, Charly looks more like a magical creature than a human… After he has convinced the two hunters that he is not a piglet but a human being, he helps out with catching monsters and ends up at the Halloween party he actually had wanted to go to, of all places.
A night terror has taken up residence in the house …

Südpol Verlag

Middle Grade Fiction

Original title: Mein geheimes Leben als Monsterjäger – Warum du niemals in einen Gully fallen solltest
Age 9+
224 pp | € 16
hc | 148 x 205 mm
Publication: August 2023

Author: Iris Genenz
Illustrator: Corinna Böckmann

All rights available


“Very creatively and imaginatively written (…) easy to read thanks to short chapters.” – Carolina Saracino, Borromäusverein Bonn e.V.

“Very exciting, funny and a bit scary (…) also suitable for reluctant readers and for reading aloud.” – Bärbel Welke, ekz library service
“I have rarely read a book that can boast so much humour and suspense at the same time as this one (…) simply a perfect success” – @eine.kissenschlacht

“The many word jokes and visual comparisons spice up the exciting story with lots of reading fun.” – Marsha Kömpel, Mutter&Söhnchen-Blog

“The main focus here is on important topics such as friendship, courage, trust and empathy. Exciting throughout, told with a lot of humour and a high entertainment value.” – Liesa @liesa_kinderbuchbloggerin

“The plot pulls the reader along no matter what and is both creepily imaginative and funny, witty and mysteriously exciting.” – Nina Albert @kanina_chen

“Anyone who likes the Ghostbusters will be delighted with this wonderful book. Protagonist Charly has to catch some monsters and experiences some hair-raising adventures in the process. The whole thing is topped off with a wonderful dose of humour.” – Sandra @hoernchensbuechernest

“Fast-paced entertainment and lots of scary and beautiful moments.” – Janet Blume,

“Chapeau, this adventure is so much fun!” – Vanni @mama_bitte_vorlesen

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