Iris Genenz & Corinna Böckmann

My Secret Life as a Monster Hunter - Why You Should Never Hang on to a Giant Worm

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Charly has to dance with grumpy German teacher Mrs Schmidt-Habicht instead of his flame Dalia at the school party, he suddenly discovers a small hippo-like creature with a triangular tail zooming through the gym. What’s going on here?

Normally, the portal to the magical parallel world of Otherlands only opens on Halloween so that the monster hunters can capture stray magical creatures. But today Darknest is teeming with giant worms, vapour swarms and all kinds of other magical creatures.

When Charly’s parents are kidnapped, Charly and his friend Martin, together with Béron and Epona, embark on a completely crazy rescue mission …

Südpol Verlag

Middle Grade Fiction

Original title: Mein geheimes Leben als Monsterjäger – Warum du niemals an einen Riesenwurm hängen solltest
Age 10+
224 pp | € 16
hc | 148 x 205 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author: Iris Genenz
Illustrator: Corinna Böckmann

All rights available


“The mixture of suspense and humour is simply unsurpassed […] I can recommend this book to anyone who wants a monster story full of humour and suspense.” – @eine.kissenschlacht

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