What is the Alpaca doing in the senior citizens‘ flat share?

Mr. Rippel, one of the residents from the supervised senior citizens‘ flat in Mia‘s street, suddenly turns up with an alpaca in tow. Did he kidnap it? Or did it run to him? Carer Holger wants to get rid of the animal as quickly as possible, especially as the alpaca has apparently fallen in love with Holger and won‘t leave his side.

But it is impossible to find out from Mr. Rippel where he got the animal from. Maybe from the circus that is currently in town? Third grader Mia and her friend Jil take matters into their hands. The two girls discover that all the circus posters have had black paint sprayed all over them. Now what is that all about?

by Nicole Mahne


“Super funny, thrilling and charming – wonderful reading pleasure for young and old! With Alpaka-Circus, Nicole Mahne has put a magical follow-up volume on paper, which, like its predecessor, tells an exciting and highly amusing detective adventure from the age of 8 and conveys important topics and values such as tolerance and friendship with great warmth.” – Corinna Schmitz, Die Bücherwelt von Corni Holmes

Südpol Verlag | hc | 176 pp | 148 x 205 mm | 2021 | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Mia und die aus der 19 – Alpaka-Zirkus]

Previous title in this series: Mia and Those from No. 19