Lena-Frieda rides a skateboard and wants to become a biologist in order to examine fruit flies, just like her beloved granny. Since her best friend  Nele has moved away she doesn’t enjoy going to school any longer: The predominant stroppy cows from the fifth grade are giving her a hard time because she prefers to look like a researcher on an expedition instead of wearing tight stretch jeans. Only Lukas seems to be friendly. But can a boy replace your best friend?

When Lena-Frieda visits Nele in her new home in Bavaria, she meets Nele’s new friend Carla, which makes her feel jealous. Is this the end of her friendship with Nele?

Wonderfully light and serious at the same time: About the confidence to make your own way.

by Andrea Behnke

“A great and encouraging reading experience for shy readers in similar situations. Highly recommended!” – Christa Robbers, KidsBestBook


“A beautifully written book about friendship, about being different and about finding your own way. For individualists from 10 to 12 and anyone who likes to read books about great girls.” – Kinderohren-Blog


“A book that EVERYONE should read, who wants to be happy.” – bestofworkingmum

Südpol Verlag | hc | 160 pp | 2018 | 10+

All rights available

[original title: Frieda und das Glück der kleinen Dinge]